How to smoke ham

Smoking ham is a pleasurable affair and brings pleasure! And with the following instructions, it works guaranteed.

how to smoke ham
smoked ham is a true delicacy

How to smoke ham, instructions

If you want to smoke ham you should stick to a few basic rules. First of all, you have to prepare the meat neatly and conscientiously, so that the ham does not spoil. How to do that and what to pay attention to, I have already written in one of the previous posts.

The most common mistakes in smoking ham:

Before you begin to smoke the ham you must first let it dry superficially. This is especially important if you have cured the ham in a Sole. Smoked ham that is moist on the surface may produce a sourish taste during smoking. If there is a large difference in temperature between the smoker and the surroundings when smoking ham, there is a risk that condensation will form during the smoking of the ham.

If this happens and the ham becomes moist, it is important to dry the ham in the breaks between the smoking. Otherwise, you will have a problem with the sour taste again. As long as only on the walls of the smokehouse forms condensation that is not bad. In order to avoid that condensation drips from above on the hams, one can simply attach a piece of cardboard over the ham.

The best time to smoke ham is best when it is not too hot outside. Otherwise, it is difficult to keep the temperature in the smoker low. The ham can then become sour or even coagulate the protein in the meat and the ham would be spoiled, or rather should be consumed immediately.

You should always smoke ham in stages

smoked ham in slices
such delicacies are the reward of ham smoking

A mistake that is made over and over again when smoking ham is that you smoke for too long at a time. Take a break of 12 hours after each smoke and let the ham rest. only after the rest break, you should continue with smoking. If you smoked the ham in this way the smoke flavor is rounder and tastier. Let the ham rest for a few days before you cut it. Then the smoke taste is much rounder and better.

In my new guidebook „How to make ham“ you will find many more tips and tricks for smoked ham and how to produce homemade ham. Unfortunately, it is only available in German. But you can get a digital copy of it and translate it, for example, with the Google translator. That works very well. You can find this guide here