smoking meat

Smoking Meat is a simple and pleasurable affair.

Before you smoke the meat you have to prepare it properly.

You can take any meat to smoke. First, free the flesh from tendons and silver skin. Cut the meat so that it is as smooth as possible. In particular, cut away „meat pockets“ and lobes.

After curing and burning, you can smoke the meat

I recommend salting the meat dry. It’s a little bit more work, but it’s really worth it.

smoking meat

„Burning out“ means the following: Shortly after the meat has been salted, the salt concentration at the edge is still highest and inside very low.

The meat is now left to stand for a while, and the salt content balances itself throughout the ham to a uniform concentration.Just recently the new edition of my book „How to make ham“ has been published. This guide explains every step exactly so that nothing can go wrong with the ham. A detailed manual for smoking meat is of course included. When that’s done, you can start smoking the meat.

The meat must be reasonably dry on the outside. If you smoke moist meat it gets sour! Hang the pieces of meat on hooks. The smoke has to come to every part of the meat. So pay attention to sufficient distance between the pieces of meat. Then fill in the smoking jar with about 300-500 g of smoking flour (fine wood chips), depending on the size.

how to smoke ham

By default you take beechwood, but I can recommend trying plum wood. It has a very fine and spicy smoke flavor.

Light the smoker and let it slowly glow down. The temperature of the smoke should be as low as possible when smoking meat (maximum 68° F). Smoke the meat for 10-12 hours. Then pause for 24 hours and let the meat „breathe“ .. Then smoke again for 12 hours, and pause again for 24 hours. The smoke flavor is thereby much finer and tastier.

Repeat this procedure until the meat has the desired degree of smoke. Let it hang for a few more days. The taste of smoke loses its initial sharpness and becomes milder and rounder.

And you’re done and you can enjoy your smoked meat 😀

It’s so easy to smoke meat.

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