smoking ham, a little trick

As promised, today I tell you a little trick. With this one, with the same amount of smoking flour (wood chips), you can maximize the smoking time during meat and ham smoking up to double extend.

I pour into the smoking jar about 500 g of fine wood chips (size 500/1000). I do that in a U-shape as you can see in the picture.

smoking ham trick

I then light this „U“ with a piece of glowing hardwood at one end. This procedure is especially for smoking ham, as it brings a more intense taste.

In my smoke chamber, I have about twice the time smoke, as if I burn a bunch completely. This is especially useful for bacon and ham smoking, as they have to be smoked very long and slowly. In my next post, it will continue with cold smoking. How you can smoke your bacon and ham comfortably and for a long time should be clear now 🙂

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