background knowledge how to sharpen a knife

If you want to make homemade sausage it is important that you use sharp knives. That’s why It continues with the topic of knife sharpening. This is very important because nothing is more obstructive than dull knives if you want to make sausage. Not only in homemade sausages, there are different varieties, but also in the grindstones.

There are natural and artificial whetstones. There are also water-stones and oil-stones. Both varieties have their advantages.

More details can be found on the page „Instructions“ Knife sharpening with the grindstone.

1) First, moisten the stone with oil or place it in the water for about 10-20 minutes. Depending on whether you have an oil or Waterstone. If you have different sanding stones, always start with the rough and work your way to fine. The higher the number on the grindstone, the finer it is. Waterstones always have to be used wet and do not use them dry!

sharpening of knifes

2) Place the blade of the knife on the stone and tilt the knife slightly so that the blade rests snugly (see picture). If you tilt the knife up and down a couple of times, you will feel quite fast when the blade rests snugly. The cutting edge should be facing you.

grinding angle of knife

3) Now push the knife forward with fairly firm pressure. When pulling back, remove the pressure completely.

Now sharpen the entire blade and repeat the whole procedure on the other cutting side.

Producing homemade sausage should be convenient and easy. So in the next post, I’ll go into the most convenient way to sharpen a knife. The sharpening with the grinding block or the sharpener.

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