Tools to make sausage and proper homemade sausage recipes

Tools to make sausage and proper homemade sausage recipes

Making sausage brings delectation on the table. Instructions on how to make sausage, what you need and good homemade sausage recipes you will get here.

The most important thing to make sausage is decent homemade sausage recipes.

To make sausage, you need much fewer tools than some people think. If you stick to the simpler types of sausage at the beginning, you will end up with very few tools and you can always buy something in the course of your sausagemaker career. So after a few years, you have a perfectly equipped sausage kitchen.

More about the tools that are needed I will tell you later.

The biggest mistakes happen because of inaccurate homemade sausage recipes. I myself have read countless homemade sausage recipes and I have seen how inaccurate most are.

Letter scale to make sausage yourself
Letter scale to make sausage yourself


In many of them there is often written something like „something“ or „a handful“, or sometimes the quantities are even missing completely. A professional who can estimate the proportions for a good homemade sausage could perhaps get something tasteful. But a beginner could do that hard or the result would not be able to copy. The sausages will taste every time different.

Therefore, homemade sausage recipes must be provided with precise quantities. At the beginning of your sausagemaker career, you should buy a spice scale, with which you can weigh exactly to 0.1 grams, then almost nothing can go wrong.

You can find precise homemade sausage recipes on this page, what else do you need?

Exact and free homemade sausage recipes can be found on my page abound.

But now to the tools, you need to make sausage by yourself:

A big cutting board, the bigger the better. Because on a large board you can work much faster and also sort the meat better when cutting as if you run out of space and everything is somehow in the way.

If you want to make homemade sausage, you only need two knives. A narrow boning knife and a knife with a wide blade, so that meat can be cut quickly and cleanly. Do not save on the knife and buy a good one, that stays sharp longer and lasts longer.

boning knife to make your own sausage
Boning knife
butcher knife to make sausage yourself
Butcher’s knife with a wide blade


A strong meat grinder in the range of about 1000 watts is already enough. But rather buy a stronger, then the grinding is done much faster. In the beginning, you can also work with a hand-operated meat grinder.

What makes your life much easier, is a sausage filler. You can also fill sausage with the meat grinder, but that takes a lot longer and it is not really good. Sausage fillers are already available for a small amount of money.

Sausage filler to make sausage yourself
Sausage filler to make sausage yourself


With this basic equipment that is even available in most households and no longer needs to be purchased extra, you can already make homemade sausage! 🙂

The icing on the cake in making homemade sausage is a smoker.

As I said, with the basic equipment you can already make very good homemade sausage. But what you should build or buy sometimes is a smoker or a smoking-cabinet. It is the smoky note that makes most sausages perfect and rounds them off.

Smoking a sausage is very easy and can be learned very quickly, the reward is great 😉 You get smokers in decent quality already under 100 $ and that is sufficient for the claims of a hobbyist usually perfect.

The best for smoking homemade sausage, of course, would be a stone made smoking-cabinet, as it was usually present in the old houses. I have the best experience and I’m glad that my grandpa has left me one 🙂

A stone made smoke cabine to make sausage yourself
My smoking-cabinet old and good  😀

In a stone made smoking-cabinet, the humidity is better, temperature fluctuations are better balanced and there are hardly any problems with condensation. But as I said, with a simple smoker you are also very well served.

At irregular intervals, I publish here on this page again and again new posts, to make the topic of ham and homemade sausage recipes, as well as to the topic of smoking.

Just come back you will see it’s worth it for you 🙂 Until then, have a good time, have fun and success with producing homemade sausage and when it is done have a good appetite!

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