Learn how to make sausage

Almost all of our grandparents knew how to make sausage. And it was totally normal to do it instead of going to the butchery and buying it. But with an increasing lack of time, it has lost importance.

Many people love the taste of homemade sausage but don’t know how to make it. More and more people are rediscovering their love of making homemade sausages and want to learn it. And that’s an easy and pleasurable way to bring back the great taste of sausage „like in the good old days“ into your life.

Here you can learn how to make sausage in an easy way

Some words about me: I am a german sausage-maker and taught tens of thousands of people how to make sausage in easy and comfortable ways. My English may not be perfect but your homemade sausages will be it.

learning how to make sausage
Learn how to make sausage in an easy way that works

What are the greatest benefits of learning how to make sausage?

  1. The really biggest advantage of knowing how to make sausage is: homemade sausage has the best taste!!
  2. You can tune your homemade sausage individually to your personal taste.
  3. You no longer have to eat what you get, you can eat sausage that tastes exactly how YOU love it.
  4. You have everything in your own hands, from meat selection to smoking.
  5. You have a freshness like you can not get anywhere else.
  6. You have the taste of the good old days back home.
  7. Learning how to make sausage means that you can omit additives or chemicals from the sausage or the ham and you can taste that clearly.
  8. You have the influence on how much fat you use and can thus eat healthy and low-fat if you like.
  9. No meat or sausage scandal needs to scare you anymore because you know what you have in your self-made homemade sausage.
  10. Another advantage is the price and above all the joy of doing it yourself.
  11. There is a great variety of homemade sausage recipes from all nations and you can even change the recipes to your liking and taste.

After knowing the advantages of learning how to make sausage

now let’s talk about what you need to do it. It takes only a few tools and machines for being able to make homemade sausage and it can go in your own kitchen, or a room set up for it. You need only a little space and no big machines.

Also, a special large refrigerator is absolutely unnecessary. A normal fridge is sufficient, or in winter an unheated cool room of a maximum 44 ° F is all you need.

homemade sausage on plate

If you have the opportunity to set up a little smokehouse or a smoke cabinet that’s fine. If you don’t have so much space you need only or a little place for a smoker and then you have almost everything you need to make delicious homemade sausage.

The easiest way for you to learn how to make sausage

If you do not have any experience, then you should have proven and simple homemade sausage recipes. A detailed step by step guide that tells you exactly how to make sausage, using tricks makes the hobby of making homemade sausage easy to learn. Start with a few simple recipes. Making homemade sausage requires some practice and familiarity, but you will learn that very quickly.

I have written a guidebook in which I have incorporated my knowledge from two decades and including 100 proven homemade sausage recipes. In Germany Switzerland and Austria I taught already tens of thousands of people with success how to make sausage in an easy way. I want to share this knowledge with anyone who would love to do it and wants to learn it.

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