Reasons to know: how to make sausage

What are the reasons to know: how to make sausage?

How would it be to make your own homemade sausage?! There are many good reasons and it is not as difficult as some people think.

How to make sausage and which benefits it can bring to your life

Make Mortadella sausage yourself
Mortadella homemade sausage


Why should you learn how to make sausage, if you can buy it everywhere so cheap?

I have heard this question many times and at first glance, it seems more than justified. But if you take a closer look, things suddenly look very different and there speaks a lot for homemade sausage!

Very few people know what they have in front of them when they sit at the table and enjoy their sausage with relish. With the piece of craftsmanship, which a good sausage once was, these meat products have barely anything in common.

A modern sausage is no longer just (as it should be) made of good meat, a balanced amount of fat, high-quality spices and maybe a bit of smoke, no, quite the contrary.

Knowing how to make sausage means much less fat.

It is obvious the sausage from meat factories is getting fatter and fatter. This is not visible in the whole delicacy sausages, where the whole ingredients are cut very fine.

However, with sausages like the Bratwurst, the difference becomes more clear. The sausages are getting paler and taste more like fat. Fat is cheap and with the ever-increasing price pressure, butchers are literally forced to sell anything from the pig that can not be sold otherwise, as in the past…And where does it all end up?

You guessed it already in the sausage! As I said, this not only has a negative effect on the taste, it is also unhealthy. If you make your own homemade sausage, you can decide for yourself how much or less fat is in it. And thus actively contribute to the preservation of your health.

Making homemade sausage gives you the ability to choose…If you know how to make sausage yourself, that brings unadulterated enjoyment.

a real homemade sausage
The smell of a homemade sausage is a poem 🙂

One of the main reasons why I really wanted to know how to make sausage is the included chemical cocktail in normal sausage. Hardly anyone knows what he eats when he sits comfortably at the table in the evening and enjoys his sausage.

Most think yes, in the butchery in which they shop, the world is still in order, only the big sausage factories build crap and make chemical sausage. Unfortunately far from it 🙁

I recently read through the list of ingredients of a traditional butcher’s shop. What butchery that does not matter, because it is no exception. Ask the butcher your trust for the full declaration of the sausages he offers, I am sure you will find similar ingredients.

Making sausage yourself, ingredients
Because of such ingredients, it is better to learn how to make sausage!

In my eyes, most conventional sausage is simply folk poisoning. Who uses decent ingredients and high-quality spices, needs no flavor enhancers, flavors and all other chemical manure, which can endanger the health at least.

I can say from my own personal experience that you do not need it at all. You can easily make good and natural homemade sausage without all the „magic powders“.

Naturally colored sausage
This bratwurst is colored with natural vegetable powders, instead of sodium nitrite.

If you learn how to make sausage, then you have a piece of genuine craftsmanship on your table. Free of chemicals and excipients that do not have to be. A homemade sausage that tastes like in the good old days. Hearty and genuine in the taste, a healthy food that you can eat conscientiously!

Some may think that learning how to make sausage is difficult and time-consuming. But that’s not the case. With proper homemade sausage recipes and a good guide, you can learn this pleasure-bringing hobby very quickly.

You do not need a lot of accessories at the beginning and you can gradually get everything you need. From my own experience, I can only say, one who has ever made his own homemade sausage never wants to give it up again!

Because anyone who has ever experienced how to make sausage, how much pleasure and enjoyment the making of sausage brings, will never want to miss it again 🙂

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