Sausage without pickling salt

There are many good reasons why it is better to know how to make sausage without pickling salt, and it is not as difficult as many may think. Learn more about the food sausage and why knowing how to make sausage is really worthwhile.

How to make sausage without pickling salt
Find out how to make sausage without pickling salt

Why it is better to know how to make sausage without pickling salt…

One of the main reasons for me to start to produce my own homemade sausage and to continue the family tradition which was threatened with extinction was sodium nitrite (pickling salt). I really wanted to have natural sausages and wanted to know how to make sausage without pickling salt!

At first, this does not seem to be a very serious reason for learning how to make sausage. But if you take a closer look at the subject, you find that sodium nitrite has undesirable effects.

Please forgive me for the following remarks on the subject, but they are too serious to be kept secret.

First, a brief explanation of why pickling salt is used at all, what it consists of, and how it is declared. Pickling salt is a mixture of common salt and sodium nitrite and appears under the name E 250 on the list of ingredients. It has in the ham and sausage production primarily the task to provide the beautiful red color and preserve.

How to make sausage without chemicals

Sodium nitrite NaNO2 is the sodium salt of nitrous acid. Already in the 1920s, the first poisoning by brine salts with a sodium nitrite content of more than 5% was reported. Since the toxic effect became more and more evident, the legislator reacted and in the 1980s stipulated that pickling salt can only be marketed with a maximum sodium nitrite content of 0.5%.

However, even at this reduced dosage, sodium nitrite is still considered to be „slightly“ carcinogenic and has a vasodilatory and thus hypotensive effect.

So much for the effect of sodium nitrite when it is eaten cold.

The situation is quite different when heating meat and sausages cured with sodium nitrites, such as grilling, cooking, or roasting. Because then nitrosamines are formed and they are quite bad! That’s why it’s really better to know how to make sausage without pickling salt.

And how to make sausage without pickling salt?

A few words about the nitrosamines. These form as soon as sodium nitrite is heated. But unfortunately already when it comes to an acidic environment as it prevails in the digestion in the human stomach. I do not want to go into more detail about the chemical processes, because this is not a chemistry course, but it’s about the topic of how to make sausage in easy and natural ways.

Nitrosamines are considered to be highly carcinogenic and in animal experiments, this effect has been demonstrated for 90% of the investigated nitrosamines. There are no known species in which they do not have the tumor-forming effect. In addition, they are suspected to trigger Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and diabetes. In animal experiments, nitrosamines have damaged the genetic material and the liver.

Next, I do not want to go into this unpleasant topic, but rather to the solution.

How to make sausage without pickling salt using only natural ingredients

As mentioned at the beginning, I make sausage without pickling salt (sodium nitrite). Because I want to maintain my health and because it goes very well without. If you simply use natural salt instead of a mixture of sodium nitrite and common salt, the homemade sausage may not turn so red, but they are much healthier.

Speaking of salt I use for my homemade sausage either Himalayan salt (crystal salt) or the Luisenhaller pan salt (a real delicious german salt), which tastes particularly excellent.

Because I did not always want to do without the beautiful red color, I searched for solutions on how to make sausage without pickling salt and found some.

With ham porking you can easily achieve a more beautiful color by adding 2-3 grams of sugar per kg, in the sausage I found two foods that give a nice reddish color to the homemade sausage.

The solution is called beetroot powder and tomato powder. When I make my homemade sausage I add just a few grams of it in the sausage mass and thus also get a nice red color without putting my health on the line.

How to make sausage natural

In my new guide to the topic of how to make sausage, I’ll go into more detail.

Incidentally, industrially made sausage is sometimes colored with beetroot, there, however, to hide the fat by coloring, but that’s another topic.

You can see it speaks a lot for knowing how to make sausage without pickling salt. Not only the good taste and the pride of the one meets if you stand in front of a board full of delicious sausage and say „this homemade sausage I made myself“. But also that you can get along without sodium nitrite.

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