Sausage without flavor enhancer

There are many good reasons why it is better to know how to make sausage without flavor enhancer, not just the taste of the good old days. Read more about what makes the homemade sausage production works.

how to make sausage without flavor enhancer
Find out how to make sausage without flavor enhancer

Why is it good to know how to make sausage without flavor enhancer?

So many people have already asked me the question „why should I make homemade sausage?“ There are more than enough good butchers where you can buy the sausage quite easily and conveniently…

Sure you can buy ready sausage and it tastes quite good… But we have arrived at the first good reason why you should know how to make sausage: flavor enhancer!

sausage without flavor enhancer

The chemical industry does not stop at the sausage and meat industry. It provides the butchers with one or the other „magic powder“ so that the sausage is better and should taste all people. That’s why most sausages you can buy contain flavor enhancers.

This will give you a good taste even when using inferior ingredients. But you can make very good sausage without flavor enhancers, you only have to use high-quality ingredients and natural homemade sausage recipes! I do not want to go into the matter too much here so only 3 expert opinions on the subject. And these are very good reasons to learn how to make sausage without flavor enhancer!

Prof. Richard Raedsch of the Federation of German internists (BDI) warns that the complaints which are also known as China Restaurant Syndrome (Chinese like to use glutamate) are triggered by a hypersensitivity to glutamate.

The complaints are:

headache and nausea, in children also fever, anxiety, and confusion.

The renowned Alzheimer’s researcher Prof. Konrad Beyreuther (University of Heidelberg) assumes that glutamate could play an important role in the development of Alzheimer’s.

The pediatrician Prof. Michael Hermanussen (Kiel University) blame glutamate for the steadily increasing obesity and overeating because the starvation limit is overridden by flavor enhancers.

In addition, hypersensitivity or large amounts of flavor enhancers can cause tingling in the throat, chest and neck pain, muscle spasms and dizziness, abdominal cramps, palpitations, vomiting, and diarrhea.

When I read or hear something like this, I do not feel good about it, I would say that this is already a very good reason to know how to make sausage without any flavor enhancer (glutamate) just using good old proven homemade sausage recipes.

Ask your butcher once for fun, whether he also uses flavor enhancers. Because not only the big sausage factories do that, but also the small butchers in the countryside.

Usually, this happens even ignorant, because flavor enhancer is already included in most spice blends as a basic ingredient. Whereby he can often be veiled and hidden by oh-so-nice-sounding names. The following list is not complete and could be extended by many names.

  • yeast extract
  • seasoning
  • wort
  • soy seasoning
  • fermented wheat.
  • If the term aroma appears up to 30% glutamate may be included and does not even have to be declared!

That’s why it is good to know how to make sausage without flavor enhancer!

If you make homemade sausage yourself you know exactly what’s in it and if you read my homemade sausage recipes you will find nothing in it except 100% nature and zero chemicals!

Delicious homemade sausage without additives and without flavor enhancer as in the good old times. It’s really good to know how to make sausage without flavor enhancer!

how to make sausage natural
Good to know how to make sausage that is 100% natural

If you make your own homemade sausage with good ingredients and above all good meat, you need no magic powders to improve the taste. Homemade sausage made from good ingredients tastes great and can help preserve your and the health of your entire family!

One of the main reasons why I learned how to make sausage was the health aspect and good and genuine taste. That’s why I only have homemade sausage recipes without flavor enhancers and without additives. And that’s what brings the taste like in the good old days when a good homemade sausage was still a piece of perfect craftsmanship!

Why I decided to learn how to make sausage…

Let me just say a few words about how I came to make homemade sausage. So that you know my motivation and my career a bit better and know who you are dealing with …

the german sausagemaker

More than 20 years ago, I was concerned about how to make sausage at the very beginning and, to say the least, did not have much knowledge about this matter. In my family, the homemade sausage itself was formerly a quite common thing and even the pigs were raised by my uncle himself. But like most traditions, this too died with everyone who died more and more.

The whole knowledge of how to make sausage and all the good old homemade sausage recipes threatened to fall into oblivion. I wanted to prevent that and thank God I succeeded. 🙂

I have gathered all the knowledge about how to make sausage that my relatives had accumulated over the decades. I have innumerable written by hand good old homemade sausage recipes and instructions clean copied, tried and one or the other also improved.

I have learned how to make sausage myself from scratch, and have steadily expanded and improved my skills and homemade sausage recipes over the years. In the meantime, many years have passed and I made the making of the sausage itself an integral part of my life as a nearly 100% self-sufficient.

I would now like to share my knowledge about how to make sausage and the good old homemade sausage recipes with all those who, like me, have decided that they want to make their own homemade sausage. I’d like to help them because I think it’s great that there are more people who like real foods.

know how to make sausage
Get to know how to make sausage, it is pure fun and brings real taste 🙂

That’s why I also launched this page, where I provide many homemade sausage recipes and instructions about how to make sausage at home.

But I also want to do some educational work by also reporting on one or the other uncomfortable truth. Like in this series of articles about the good reasons for getting to know how to make sausage with proven homemade sausage recipes that bring true taste and are absolutely free of chemicals.

If you liked the information about how to make sausage that is 100% natural I am looking forward to a comment or a recommendation in the well-known social networks