Sausage in jars

How to make sausage in jars.

how to make sausage in jars
Everything worth knowing about how to make sausage in jars

Making sausage in jars is an easy exercise, how to do this is explained here. You will also learn how to make sausages in jars with a fine flavor of smoke.

But one step after the other 😉

Making sausage in jars has many advantages. For one, it is ideal for the beginner, because you do not need a sausage filler. The second advantage is that sausage in jars is long-lasting and without refrigeration and is always available when you are hungry 🙂

How to make sausage in jars individual steps and cooking time

The sausage mass is produced as indicated in the recipe. When sausage is boiled in jars, it tends to get firm. If you like your sausage in jars a little juicier, you should increase the fat content to about 30-35%.

When the sausage mass contains little fat the jars are filled up to 1 cm under the edge when the sausage mass contains much fat only 2 cm under the edge fill. You have to do this because the sausage mass expands when it boils in.

The sausage mass is then slightly stuffed and pressed smoothly.

smoothen sausage in jar

Then clean the edge of the jar carefully so that the lid later closes tightly.

how to make sausage filling jars


Now close the glasses tightly and boil them. Sausage in jars of 220 ml has to boil for 90 minutes at 212° F. If you use jars of 440 ml the sausage has to boil for 120 minutes. After the boiling time, the sausage in the jars must be cooled as fast as possible. But do not come up with the idea to put the jars into cold water, otherwise, there will most likely be shards! And that would be a pity for the good sausage!

How to make sausage in jars with smoke flavor

Sausage in the jar is quite advantageous, but many, like me too 😉 just do not want to do without the fine smoke. Because this makes a lot of sausages really special. Now comes the trick, how to bring the smoke flavor to the sausage in the jars.

Take the finished sausage meat and spread it as thinly as possible on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. The whole thing is now put in the smokehouse and gets a short but intense smoke and that was it already. Pretty simple but you have to first come on it 😉

Then the sausage meat is immediately filled into jars and cooked in boiling water. When filling, make sure to fill the jar up to 1-2 cm below the edge (see picture below). Otherwise, they can burst during cooking because the sausage in the jar is expanding.

sausage in jar

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