Make sausage steadily better

What I write on this page sounds banal, but is more than important. And it will help you to make your Homemade sausage better and better

Improvements: how to make sausage steadily better

how to make sausage better

If you’ve tried a new type of homemade sausage, you should fully customize the sausage recipe to your taste. The tastes are very different ..! And your taste is not necessarily that of the recipe writer…

Everyone has different preferences on how to make sausage. Taste the finished homemade sausage very carefully. Does the salt content fit? Should the sausage be hotter or milder? Does a spice taste good or would you like it better if it tastes a little milder?

How is the consistency of the homemade sausage? Should you be softer or firmer? Then, when you make the sausage next time, you should grind the meat and fat finer. May the homemade sausage be more rustic or do you like it more finely? If it should be more rustic, just grind the meat with larger hole diameter discs. If the homemade sausage is to be finer, take a finer perforated disc the next time you make this sausage.

Should the sausage be smoked stronger or milder? Write on how long and with how much smoking flour you smoked the sausages.

homemade sausage smoking

The most important tip on how to make sausage that is perfect for YOU

It sounds so banal but is much more important than you believe! Write to the homemade sausage recipes, what you want to be changed when you make this sausage again. It is the only way to know next time, how to make sausage, that tastes how you like it the best.

How many times have I thought „next time I want this or that different“. Oh, I do not have to write it down, I still know that later .. Big error! You want to make the sausage and ask yourself what did I want to do differently?? And you rarely get on it.

Or you even confuse it and do it with a sausage, what you actually wanted to do with another. At the latest when you’re done and enjoy the sausage, then you know it again but then it’s too late 😉

If you want to make a top-quality homemade sausage, you have to taste it intensively, change the homemade sausage recipes and above all: write down everything!