How to make sausage Tricks

Here you will not only get homemade sausage recipes but also knowledge and some tricks about how to make sausage and how to make your life easier when you use them.

A small problem when you make homemade sausage is that there is always a lot of meat left in the meatgrinder that is not minced.

If you make only small amounts of homemade sausage, then there is always a relatively large amount of meat hanging in the meat grinder, which is not cut into sausage mass.

There’s a simple trick to turn all meat into sausage mass: Once you’ve ground all the meat, take a piece of pastry the size of a sheet of paper and crumple it into a long tangle. Now simply stuff the baking paper into the operating meat grinder.

how to make sausage tricks
With this little trick, you can turn every piece of meat properly into sausage mass.

So all the meat and fat leftovers are completely pressed out of the wolf and minced properly. The paper is pressed only to the wolf disk but not chopped, so you have less work when you’re cleaning the meat grinder.

In addition, there are no more meat leftovers with which you do not know what to do. So you can make your life easier when you make homemade sausages 🙂 But be aware this trick only works with baking paper!

On this website, you will find many homemade sausage recipes and instructions and tricks about how to make sausage in easy ways that work.

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