How to make sausage Tricks Part 2

Ok, let’s continue with the Tricks and Knowledge about how to make sausage.

When you are making sausages, it is very important that the sausage casings and intestines are filled correctly.

sausage filler

If there are air bubbles in the homemade sausage, the sausage meat can oxidize in these areas and turn gray. The sausage meat gets thereby a disadvantageous taste. Make sure that you pour the sausage mixture into the sausage filler without any air bubbles. Throw the meat into it with verve and stuff it together vigorously.

If you discover bubbles in the homemade sausages while you are making the sausage, take a needle and stick it in the sausage casing to let the air escape. So the meat cannot oxidize and the sausages can ripen properly.

Air bubbles are always visible by points that appear pale white as seen in the picture.

If you even pay attention to such trifles, you will have success with making homemade sausages.

airbubbles in homemade sausages

To support you in your project of making good homemade sausage you will find further tricks on my blog. Even as homemade sausage recipes and hints about how to make sausage in easy ways.

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