how to make sausage and what tools you need

OK, with this post I continue to show you how to make sausage and what kind of tools you need to do it. Are you ready? Ok, let’s start right now 🙂

What in addition to a good guide that shows you how to make sausage do you need?

Let’s start with the materials that should be found in every household and do not have to be bought separately. You do not have to have everything exactly as I have listed it here you can always improvise.

how to make sausage tools
What do you need to be able to make sausage like this one? Less than many belief 😉

Material list for making homemade sausage:

  1. The most important thing is a good guide about „how to make sausage“
  2. Large cutting board about 0.8 m x 0.4 m would be ideal but it fits also a smaller one.
  3. knife with a slim blade (ca. 15 cm long) to loosen the bones and prune the ham. Meat Slicer (20-25 cm long and thick blade) to make Schnitzel, Cordon Bleu and for the coarse cuts of the meat.
  4. Large bowls or buckets to separate the cuts and individual blanks or finished sausage meat. Buckets offer the advantage that they offer a large capacity but take only minimal space in the storage. It goes without saying that these buckets should be used exclusively for the processing of food.
  5. Adhesive labels and writing material (for labeling the buckets or the finished sausage glasses).
  6. Spices best ground freshly and until this process kept in their original form. So they keep their aroma much better.
  7. Kitchen scale (to weigh the meat and ham).
  8. A digital scale that can weigh to 0,1 grams.
  9. Jars for the homemade sausage that shall be preserved by cooking.
Material for homemade sausage
Materials for making homemade sausage

These „helpers“ are useful for making homemade sausage

but in the mentioned execution not absolutely necessary:

Electric meat grinder, if you don’t have one already it also goes pretty well with a hand operated meat grinder.

Kitchen-machine or mixer to mix ground meat and the spices, if necessary, that also goes pretty well by hand.

A big pot to cook the sausage in jars and all the homemade sausage which needs to be cooked in the sausage casing.

You should at least have these utensils to make a good homemade sausage. And of course, a good guide to learn how to make sausage and how to avoid mistakes.

If you have at least these tools you can make simple homemade sausages such as bratwurst and e.g. fill them in jars instead of intestines and then cook them. Cooked sausage is long-lasting and without refrigeration and tastes great.

In my next post, I’ll expand this list to include the things that have to be bought extra in most cases.

Until then, do it well! If you liked the post I am looking forward to a comment, or feel free to recommend it in the well-known social networks 🙂

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