Manual about how to make sausage

Making homemade sausage is a fun affair and brings an incomparable pleasure. And with the right instruction about how to make sausage, it is even for beginners, very easy and simple 🙂

Allow me some words at the beginning: I’m a german sausagemaker, my English may not be perfect, but your German homemade sausage will be it!  😉

The new guide to the topic „How to make sausage“

guidebook how to make sausage

In the past few months, I have completely revised the guidebook „how to make sausage“. He has increased significantly in scope and now includes 176 pages. The manual section has been enhanced with more than 60 images for even greater clarity. I have written this guide so that after reading it even an absolute beginner knows clearly how to make sausage.

The guidebook lists all the tools and materials needed and provides complete knowledge. From meat selection to smoking and storing the finished homemade sausages.

In the instructions for smoking, I give all my little secrets, which I have gathered through experiments, happy coincidences and, above all, inquire of others, who also have ideas. I also go into great detail on what you should avoid when you smoke the homemade sausages.

smoke homemade sausage

For each type of sausage, there is a detailed guide to their production and processing.

The guide to „how to make sausage“ includes instructions for:

  • Bratwursts such as e.g. Bratwurst Frankfurter style and the classical German Bratwurst and Bavarian Weisswurst
  • Cooked sausages such as Lyoner or Fleischkäse/Leberkäse
  • Cooked sausages such as Liver sausage or German Blood sausage
  • Cut-able raw sausages such as Salami and Cervelat sausage
  • Spreadable raw sausages such as Mettwurst or tea sausage

The culmination of the instructions about „how to make sausage“

Are clearly the homemade sausage recipes! At the end of the guide „how to make sausage“ you will find 100 tried and tested homemade sausage recipes. I have provided each recipe with a quick guide. You will exactly know how to make sausage and your success is guaranteed.

clear homemade sausage recipes

The required homemade sausage recipes can be printed out individually in the Ebook version. This has a big advantage! It is very handy if you do not always have to leaf through a book when you’re producing a sausage. Because after a few times of producing homemade sausage al physical book looks quite solemn! Because it has smeared with meat juice or blood. I speak from my own experience 😉

All homemade sausage recipes are written for 1 kg of finished sausage. So it is easy to convert the spices for the required amount of meat. Likewise, the homemade sausage recipes are provided with precise quantities to the tenth of a gram. This ensures that the homemade sausage tastes as good as it should afterward and always!

In many homemade sausage recipes, you will find otherwise only very vague information such as: „a knife tip, two spoons, a cup, something .. etc.“ Such statements are anything but accurate! It is not surprising if you mess up with such sausage recipes the one or the other sausage! There is no such thing in my homemade sausage recipes! 🙂

How it came to the guide „how to make sausage“

Making homemade sausage has been part of my life for over two decades. It is very important to me. Quite simply because my brother and I are for almost a few years, apart from producing meat, almost 100% self-sufficient.

In my childhood days, my grandfather had always made homemade sausage. I’ve always enjoyed this sausage because homemade sausage just has an incomparable taste! Quite different than the one you get in the butchery. Unfortunately, my grandfather died many years ago and that was it with eating homemade sausage. I wanted to get the knowledge and the homemade sausage recipes. That’s why I started to learn how to make sausage.

I devoured countless books to do so. In addition, I read all the records and homemade sausage recipes of my grandfather, tried all out and over time, my knowledge improved. I also improved the one or the other recipe. It was important to me to find the perfect balance between spices, the taste of the meat and last but not least the smoky notes.

instruction how to make sausage

Knowing how to make sausage brings you delicacies like this 🙂

In the beginning, it was very important for me to know how to make sausage without additives and nitrite pickling salt. There was barely any knowledge and I spent a lot of time experimenting in this area. But the effort was worthwhile, meanwhile, all my homemade sausage recipes have been optimized in this direction 🙂

Of course, I have also made countless mistakes and not always everything went as it should 😉 Through continuous learning, I have been able to eradicate all errors and my knowledge in the field „how to make sausage“ steadily improved. Meanwhile, almost 2 decades and countless „sausage productions“ have passed. Among the feedback from those who were allowed to taste my homemade sausages and ham, it was said again and again „I would think you are a trained butcher“.

Again and again, I was asked by acquaintances and relatives to write down all my knowledge and skills about how to make sausage. And make this knowledge accessible to others, so that this craftsmanship and the old homemade sausage recipes do not disappear one day.

german homemade sausage recipes


I have spent countless weekends and evenings completing this request. I got praise and positive feedback from those who tested my guidebook. This encouraged me to expand, revise and improve my guide. So that everyone can really learn how to make sausage.

In 2011 I made the decision to create my german website and in 2018 I started with this website to share my knowledge with people like you.

I well remember the times when I started to learn how to make sausage… I was grateful for any help I could get. This is my way of saying „Thank you“ 🙂 I hope you can benefit from my website.

About feedback via email or comments in my blog, I would be happy 🙂

I wish you a lot of fun and success with making sausage!

If you are interested in the guide, you can find it via the following link:

Instructions how to make sausage

At the present day it is only available in the German language. But you can get a digital copy and translate it e.g. with Google Translator, that works pretty good.