Arguments to learn how to make sausage

Howdy, today lets talk about some good arguments that speak for learning how to make sausage. In my eyes, the very best reason is: Making your own homemade sausage is fun and brings pure enjoyment!

learning how to make sausage is fun

Some more good reasons to learn how to make sausage:

Often I have heard the question „If you can just go to the butcher and buy ready sausage, why should someone make homemade sausage? There is much to be said for making your own homemade sausage.

In purchased sausages are many chemicals and additives that can be detrimental to health. Normal sausages also contain tons of fat. Only if we are honest almost every sausage tastes like the other. There are hardly any big differences in taste.

That most sausages become greasy after just a few days is another matter altogether.

Other good reasons why you should learn how to make sausage…

You read it again and again, a scam meat scandal is chasing the next. Today it is rotten meat, tomorrow a burden of dioxin .. Will you eat that or do you prefer good fresh and tasty homemade sausages bring the freshness and enjoyment without remorse ?! I think I can guess that you would decide for the homemade sausage otherwise you would not be here to read this 😉

how to make sausage with success
A bowl of delicious fresh homemade sausage 🙂

If you know how to make sausage you have everything in your own hands!

On my webpage, there are many free homemade sausage recipes and instructions. In addition, I offer as a gift, completely free and without obligation, a newsletter. There you will receive homemade sausage recipes and tips and tricks at irregular intervals. It also keeps you up to date regarding my offers.

You can customize the fat content, the spices, the consistency and even the smoke aroma to your liking when you make your own homemade sausage. You no longer have to eat what you get, no you can eat what YOU want.

If you make homemade sausage yourself you can also omit the whole chemistry. Normal sausages always contain sodium nitrite (nitrite pickling salt). This forms nitrosamines when the sausages are boiled fried or grilled. These nitrosamines are suspected to cause cancer. Instead of nitrite pickling salt, you can use natural, untreated salts. The beautiful red color can be achieved with vegetable powder e.g. of beetroot or tomato powder. This is much healthier than using chemistry!

For today it should be enough, more information and homemade sausage recipes will follow soon. I wish you a lot of fun browsing on my site and good luck with learning how to make sausage. 🙂

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