How to make sausage Landjäger

Howdy, today some more knowledge about how to make sausage. Let’s talk about the famous German Landjäger and how to give them their typical shape in a very easy way. This trick will make your life much easier when you proceed with this famous homemade sausage.

How to make Landjäger sausage?

how to make sausage Landjäger


There are two ways to get this homemade German sausage in their typical shape. The traditional one, using a Landjäger-press. This is made of two pieces of wood which have a square cutout. The finished homemade sausage is brought into this form and then the Landjäger are pressed individually in their shape. But there is also an easy and much faster way to get almost the same rectangular shape but much faster!

And this is how it’s done:

Take two wooden boards and place the homemade sausages on top.

Now take 2 square wooden sticks with the cross section of 12 x 12 mm, and place one at each end as seen in the picture below.

tricks about how to make sausage Landjäger

Now comes a wooden board on top, and the whole thing is pressed with weights or squeezed together with two clamps.

Landjäger rectangular shape

The sticks ensure that the homemade sausage can only be pressed down to 12 mm, and the Landjäger gets the almost perfect rectangular shape. Strain the sausages for about 2 hours that’s all and they are finished.
Soon there will be more tricks about the topic of how to make sausage.

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