How to make sausage german liver sausage

I want to show you how to make sausage in simple ways. Today lets do a German liver sausage. Making liver sausage is quite easy when you use the right homemade sausage recipes. Here is the guide for a liver sausage that can be put into sausage casings or jars.

By the way, I am a german guy, my English may not be perfect, but your homemade sausages will be it 😉

How to make this sausage (Leberwurst) and which tools do you need?

To make the following liverwurst you need the following tools:

  1. A sharp knife. With sharp knives, you can work much faster and easier.
  2. A cutting board, the bigger the better. You can work faster if you have enough space.
  3. A meat grinder, best an electric one, if you want to use one that is hand-operated no problem it works very well too.
  4. A sausage filler to put the sausage mass into the casings or jars if you want to preserve the sausage by cooking it.
  5. A large cooking pot.
  6. And last but not least a good guide that shows you how to make sausage 😉

how to make liverwurst

As you can see, you only need the basic equipment to make your own liver sausage, and in most households, it’s all there and nothing has to be bought.

The ingredients for this homemade liver sausage:   

  • 600 grams pork liver   
  • 80 grams offal of pork   
  • 240 grams pork belly   
  • 80 grams onion   
  • 1 teaspoon of marjoram   
  • 1 pinch of ground cloves   
  • 1 gram of ground black pepper   
  • 1 gram of ground mustard seeds   
  • 19-gram salt


The most important thing about liver sausage is that the liver is cleaned very well. The bile ducts must be removed cleanly, otherwise, the liver sausage later could taste bitter. Who is still untrained should have this done by the butcher. Doing everything else with the liverwurst is quite easy, and can also be mastered by absolute beginners. who don’t know very well yet how to make sausage.

How to make sausage of the ingredients:

  • First, chop the onion as fine as possible.
  • Clean and skin the liver and innards (remove bile ducts!).
  • Offal, boil the liver and belly in hot water at 176 ° F for 8-10 min.
  • Cut the giblets, liver and pork belly into wolf-sized pieces (best stripes of ~ 1 inch)
  • Grind the meat and belly through the 3 mm disc.
  • Mix the minced meat with the onion and the spices thoroughly.

Now follows the penultimate act of making homemade liver sausage, the finished sausage mass has to be filled into the casings. If you want the liver sausage in intestines, fill the sausage mass with the sausage filler or the meat grinder in natural casings caliber 40-60 mm (1,57-2,6 inches).

If you do not have a sausage filler or if you want to preserve the homemade liverwurst in jars, just fill the mass into jars of 220 or 440 ml. Make sure to fill the glasses only up to 0,75 inches below the edge, as otherwise, the jars may burst during cooking because the fat in the sausage mass will expand.

How to make sausage in jars and how to proceed with the liverwurst in casings

When you have filled the liverwurst in intestines, put them in 176 degrees (F) warm water, and boil them per 0,4 inches diameter for 10 minutes. Take the finished sausages out of the hot water and cool them down in cold water. Remove the fat on the casing.

That’s all and the homemade liverwurst is ready to be eaten and that is the big reward for learning how to make sausage :-)The liverwurst in jars of 220 ml has to boil for 90 minutes at 212° F. If you use jars of 440 ml the liver sausage has to boil for 120 minutes. Then let the sausage glasses cool down quickly.

As you can see, making liverwurst is very easy. I hope you know now better how to make sausage and have fun doing it! 

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