How to make sausage? This is how it’s done!

How to make sausage?

Making sausage is easier than you think, what you need and how it is done, you can find out here.

cutting the meat for making sausage
How to make sausage at home

How to make sausage and how big is the effort?

Many beginners think that if you want to make sausage, you would need a lot of tools, but far from it. If you stick to the simpler types of sausage at the beginning, you only need very few tools and the success comes quickly.

The ideal beginner sausage is the bratwurst. It is the simplest sausage from the meat selection and the tool requirement and you can hardly make mistakes. Although in my home even the sausages are smoked, a sausage comes out very well without smoke and you do not even need a smoker.

If you do not have a sausage filler, you can also fill the sausage meat in glasses and cook it. If you make sausage this way, it will last for a long time without refrigeration.

The tools to make sausage

the finished bratwurst
How to make sausage with just a few tools

As mentioned above, if you make the sausage at the beginning of the simple sausage varieties, you get along with the absolute basic equipment, which is already found in most households.

You do not need to make a big investment and can easily start making fun of the hilarious hobby.

How to make sausage with minimal equipment:

  1. A sharp knife with a long blade, a knife with a short blade is cumbersome to handle and take time.
  2. A reasonably sized cutting board, the bigger the better, because you can work much faster.
  3. A meat grinder, ideally electric, a hand-operated but also goes.
  4. A sausage filling attachment for the mincer and sausage casings.
  5. Or alternatively, jars to boil the sausage, for these tumblers should be used.

That is all. If you have it all, you can already start your first experience about „how to make sausage“ 🙂

And so that you can start right away, there is the matching sausage recipe.

How to make sausage? That’s how easy it is:

The following sausage recipe is for a spicy bratwurst with a refined hint of pimento. You can fill the sausage either in fibrin collagen casings or in jars.

This sausage can be smoked as desired. But it also tastes without smoke.

Ingredients for 1 Kg finished sausage:

  • 640 g of lean pork (meat of any kind)
  • 360 g of pig fat
  • 20 g salt
  • 4 g fresh garlic
  • 4 g of ground noble sweet pepper
  • 3 g of ground pimento
  • 1 g of ground black pepper
How to make sausage, the preparation:

Chop the garlic as finely as possible, nothing is more unpleasant than to bite on big garlic pieces.

Cut the meat clean, that is, all sinews, fibers or the silver skin which is often outside, carefully cut away. This is an important step in how to make sausage because the quality of the finished sausage is largely dependent on it.

Grind the meat and fat together with the garlic, through the 4.5mm slice. If you like the sausage a bit finer, you can grind the fat through the 3 mm disc.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly until you have nice sausage meat.

Fill the sausage meat in hog casings or fibrin collagen casings 24mm. The sausages are made about 25-30 cm long.

Who wants to make sausage in jars, fills the jars to about 1-2 cm under the edge. The jars should not be made fuller, because the sausage expands while cooking and the jars could burst thereby. The jars are then tightly closed.

ready filled glass of sausage
How to make sausage and how to fill jars

How to make sausage and cook in jars:

220 ml jars are boiled for 90 minutes at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, jars with 440 ml content for 120 minutes. Immediately remove them from the water and cool down quickly, but do not cool down with cold water!

Tip: You should not put the sausage jars into water that boils jet. The danger that they could burst because of the temperature difference is quite big. Better then put into the water when the water is about 176 degrees Fahrenheit. But the cooking time is calculated only from the moment when the water boils!

Now you have seen „how to make sausage“ in an easy and joyful way.

I wish you lots of fun preparing homemade sausage.

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Thank you 😀

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