how to make sausage Bratwurst with paprika

In this topic about how to make sausage I want to show you how a Bratwurst with paprika is made. Making Bratwursts is a pleasure, so why not doing it?!

how to make bratwurst

A few words in advance I am a german sausagemaker, so my English may not be perfect, but your homemade sausages will be it! I can promise you that.

How to make sausage of this type, point 1: The tools that you need to make Bratwurst.

Making Bratwurst, one of the easiest homemade sausages, is pure fun. You do not need many tools for that. Especially for beginners, it is the ideal sausage, because you can do almost nothing wrong.

That’s what you need to make your own homemade sausage:

  • A cutting board as big as possible. The bigger it is the faster and better you can work.
  • A sharp knife. It is important that it is really sharp otherwise it is a hassle to cut the meat properly.
  • A meat grinder, hand-operated or electric does not matter when you are using a hand-operated one you can do something for your fitness by the way 😉
  • A sausage filler or essay on the meat grinder to fill the sausage meat in the intestines.
  • If you do not have sausage filler, you can also cook the meat in jars. These are relatively durable and you always have tasty sausage ready to be eaten and it can be stored without cooling.
  • Most important, of course, a good guide on how to make sausage but you get that from me 😉

This is the absolute basic equipment and should actually be found in every household. And off you go!

How to make sausage, point 2: The meat and the spices for the Bratwurst

Ingredients for 1 Kg homemade sausage:

  • 1 kg pork shoulder or meat from the leg, fat content approx. 20-30%
  • 2 gram of ground black pepper
  • 10 gram of ground noble sweet pepper
  • 2 gram of ground caraway
  • 21-gram salt6-gram fresh garlic

You can also use meat cuts of any kind for bratwurst, for example, if you have previously cut meat for ham. Because there are always cuts of meat and these can be used so well for making Bratwurst.

How to make sausage, point 3: The preparation

  • Chop the garlic as finely as possible, so it integrates nicely into the sausage meat. If it is chopped too roughly, you will later bite on garlic pieces, and that’s not exactly a treat 😉
  • Free the flesh of tendons, cartilages and silver skin because even those would disturb the subsequent enjoyment of the ready homemade sausage sensitive. Therefore, you should pay much attention to this step, it’s worth it.
  • Then grind the meat together with the garlic through the 6 mm disc.
  • Then mix all ingredients thoroughly with the food processor or by hand thoroughly.
how to make sausage meat preparation
The meat for Bratwurst is prepared in this way do it careful.

How to make sausage, point 4: Sausage-mass becomes sausages

Now you only need to fill the sausage mass into intestines or casings. The processing of protein casings is the most convenient. It can later be easily deducted. However, if you use sheep intestines the sausage has a nice „crack“ later. But it is a bit harder to work with, but with a little practice, you can do it too. You do not have to be a butcher to make your own homemade sausage!

The sausage meat can be filled completely in the sausage casing. And then the very long sausage can be turned off later to sausages of the desired length. To do this, gently press in the meat at the end and then turn a sausage to the left and the next to the right.

But do not fill the intestine too tight, so that it does not break when the sausages are twisted later. Alternatively, you can also stop after filling each Bratwurst and turn off the sausages directly to the desired length. This is the easiest way for beginners.

how to make sausage turning off
Turn one sausage to the left and the following to the right then again to the left and so on.

Make sure that you fill the sausage meat in the intestine without air bubbles. If there is still air in it, simply pierce (pin) with a needle. If you want, you can smoke the bratwurst another day cold, it is even spicier.

If the sausage should be filled in jars, then you may only fill them up to 1.5 cm below the edge. Because the sausage mass expands during cooking and the glasses could burst.

Cook the sausage jars (220 ml) for 90 minutes in boiling water and then cool them down quickly. 440 ml jars must be boiled for 120 minutes.

If you know how to make sausage it’s so easy to make Bratwurst 🙂

You will find more homemade sausage recipes and instructions about how to make sausage of other types on my website, you can go there directly via the following link:

Homemade sausage recipes

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