How to make sausage German Bratwurst in jars

Today you get another post about how to make sausage. Today you will learn how to make a German Bratwurst in jars.

Allow me a few words about me, I’m a German sausage-maker, my English may not be perfect, but your homemade sausage will be it! I can promise you that 😉

Producing homemade Bratwurst is possible with very little effort.

How to make sausage: The equipment for producing Bratwurst

how to make sausage Bratwurst jar
Producing homemade Bratwurst in jars is very easy

Producing homemade Bratwurst in jars is very easy. The Bratwurst is the easiest of all homemade sausages. They can also be easily made by beginners. When you boil the finished sausage in jars, you only need the following tools:

  • A sharp meat knife. The sharper the better. How to sharpen a knife is shown here
  • A big cutting board the bigger the better so you can work easily and won’t run out of space.
  • A meat grinder it does not matter if it is an electric one or a hand-operated.
  • Some jars and a big pot to cook the sausage.

How to make sausage: The meat selection

For homemade German Bratwurst, you can use all the cuts of meat. The ideal is the flail, shoulder, neck, and abdomen. Bratwurst can be made from the meat of all animal species, as well as e.g. Hare, sheep or deer. In order to get the homemade sausages juicy and not too dry, it is recommended take to always about 60% meat of pork.

How to make sausage: One of the best homemade sausage recipes for Bratwurst

The meat Per 1 kg homemade Bratwurst:

  • 600 grams of lean of pork
  • 400 grams of pork belly

Spices per 1 kg sausage mass:

  • 20 gram of salt
  • 2 gram of black pepper finely ground
  • 2-gram garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of marjoram ground
  • 0.8-gram allspice
  • 0.3-gram nutmeg

The production of the German Bratwurst:

  • Remove all sinews and silver skin from the meat.
  • Cut the meat in strips of about 2 x 2 cm, so that they are easily grasped by the meat grinder.
  • Grind the meat and belly through the 4mm disc. If you want the bratwurst to be finer, you can grind the belly through the 3 mm disc, so the fat is not so prominent and is not so clearly visible. If you like it more rustic, you can also grind the fat through the 5 mm disc.
  • Now add the spices to the chopped meat and mix all well until it starts to bind lightly.

how to make sausage mixing ingredients

  • Then fill the finished sausage mass into 200 g jars. Fill the sausage glasses but only up to 1.5 cm under the edge, because otherwise sausage meat can be squeezed out during cooking or the jars can burst.
  • Cook the sausage jars for 90 minutes at 212° F and then cool them down quickly
  • Do not fill the jars too high and clean the edge careful.
how to make sausage correct filled jar
Do not fill the jars too high

If you know how to make sausage it is very easy and much fun to produce a homemade German Bratwurst. I wish you much fun and success trying it.

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