How to make sausage the german Bratwurst

Making homemade sausage is a fun hobby and brings sausage that tastes like in the good old days… How to make sausage and how you can do that yourself in your own kitchen you can find out here. I’m a sausagemaker from Germany, so my English may not be perfect but your homemade sausage will be it! 😉

how to make sausage bratwurst

What else do you need to make sausage, except the knowledge of how to make sausage?

If you do not start with the most elaborate types of sausage, you can get by with very little tools. Most of them are found in every household. You do not have to buy anything extra and you can easily get into the topic of making homemade sausages. What you need to know about how to make sausage and good homemade sausage recipes you will find on this website.

In the video, you can see in rapid succession how a German Bratwurst is made.

To produce German Bratwurst you need the following tools:

  • A big cutting board, the bigger the faster and better you can work.
  • A sharp knife (How to make blunt knives easy again sharply I show on my page in the section „instructions“)
  • A meat grinder, hand-operated or electric.
  • If you like to conserve the finished sausage by cooking, you need jars and a big pot. Otherwise, you need intestines or casings.
  • A sausage filler or an attachment for the meat grinder (only takes a little longer)

If you have all this ready you can start! 🙂 Only the most important two things are missing:

Good homemade sausage recipes and a manual on how to make sausage!

The success when you are making sausage is largely dependent on the homemade sausage recipes and instructions. If you stick to it, with a little practice, almost nothing can go wrong.

Only this week I myself was back in the sausage kitchen, and have made, among other things, the same following Bratwurst. The result was wonderful and all test eaters were thrilled.

This recipe is one of the simplest homemade sausage recipes. It’s very easy to implement, and easy to handle, even for beginners.

German Bratwurst  „Uncle Eckhart’s Style“

how to make sausage german bratwurst

One of the easiest homemade sausage recipes for German Bratwurst

Ingredients for 1 Kg German Bratwurst:

  • 640 grams of lean pork
  • 360 grams bacon (fat, best fat belly) from the pig
  • 1 gram of ground black pepper
  • 4 gram of ground noble sweet pepper
  • 3 gram of ground allspice
  • 20 gram of salt4-gram fresh garlic

How to make sausage of this type:

  • Chop the garlic as finely as possible.
  • Free the meat from cartilage and tendons. It is very important that this is done as carefully as possible. Because only when you do that careful you will get a sausage, which is also pleasant to eat later. Nothing is more uncomfortable than chewing on a tendon or biting cartilage pieces.
  • Grind the meat, fat, and garlic through the 4.5mm disc.
  • Mix all ingredients and spices thoroughly.
The last step of this homemade sausage recipe:

Now the sausage mass only has to be filled into jars or casings.

If you fill the sausage mass into casings, these must be filled tight. Otherwise, the sausages will quickly shrivel while drying. Again, it is important to work carefully, because the making of sausage should also be crowned with success!

The sausages are traditionally made 25-30 cm long.The Bratwurst sausage is immediately edible. If you want, you can smoke this sausage 1-2 times cold, it will be even more delicate!

f you want to put the sausage in jars and cook, fill the glasses only up to 1.5 cm under the edge. The sausage meat expands during cooking. If the jars are filled too high they can burst. Then tighten the lid and cook the sausage jars (200ml) for 90 minutes at 212° F. Then cool the jars down as fast as possible.

how to make german bratwurst in jars

That’s it when you are knowing how to make sausage and work with proven homemade sausage recipes everything is easy and done very fast. Almost nothing can go wrong and success is guaranteed 🙂

More homemade sausage recipes and instructions are available on my website. The following link takes you directly there:

Homemade sausage recipes

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