Answers about how to make sausage

Today there are more answers to the question of how to make sausage. In the past, it was a normal deal to make homemade sausage. Today this beautiful hobby is being rediscovered by more and more people.

answers about how to make sausage
Find out how to make sausage fast and easy

Allow me a few words about me: I’m a german sausagemaker, my English may not be perfect, excuse me, but your homemade sausages will be it! 😉

Why should you learn how to make sausage?

There is a lot to talk about making your own homemade sausage. Unfortunately, industrially made sausage does not have much to do with traditional crafts. Even many small butchers buy a large part of their sausage today at large sausage factories. In this sausage are many unwanted and sometimes questionable ingredients such as:

  • Often a lot of fat
  • flavor enhancers
  • Reddening agent (nitrite pickling salt/sodium nitrite)
  • Binder (phosphate)
  • and all the little aids that do not have to be declared

Also in the industry, the time for making sausage is very tight. You get a „chord sausage“ and no food that was made in peace and with care. Even the taste does not have much in common with that of homemade sausage. The fact that you get less and less sausage for your money at the butcher, is a good reason to learn how to make sausage and to produce at least a part of the sausage that you want to eat…

The reasons are different, but there is definitely a lot to be said for making your own homemade sausage. Especially since that is not so difficult as some people think! 🙂

You just need good instructions about how to make sausage and the following tools

Tools to make sausage
Only a few tools and a good guide on how to make sausage and it’s almost done 🙂

If you do not start with the most elaborate types of homemade sausage, you only need very few materials and tools to make sausage. Once you have gained experience and want more, you can grow the required equipment piece by piece.

Ideal to start to get to know how to make sausage is the bratwurst. All you need are the following materials, most of them are already present in every household:

  • sharp knife
  • big cutting board
  • Meat grinder electric or hand-operated
  • Tumblers for cooking the sausage in jars or sausages and intestines
  • a sausage filler or an attachment for the meat grinder to fill the sausage meat in the casing
  • and of course good homemade sausage recipes

Sausage casings and intestines can be obtained from most butchers. Most butchers are very helpful, as when you buy the meat at them. That’s it and learning how to make sausage can start already!

The following homemade sausage recipe for bratwurst is very easy to implement. This bratwurst tastes great and is an absolute classic.

And now one of my favorite homemade sausage recipes for a famous German bratwurst:

Rough farmer’s bratwurst

homemade sausage recipes bratwurst

Ingredients for 1 Kg homemade sausage:

  • 500-gram lean shoulder of the pig
  • 300 gram lean of beef
  • 200 gram fat from pork belly
  • 3 gram of ground white pepper
  • 1 gram of ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon marbled marjoram
  • 1 teaspoon grated organic lemon peel
  • 20 gram of salt

The preparation of this homemade sausage recipe:

  • Grind the meat and fat through the 10-14 mm disc.
  • Mix all ingredients thoroughly.
  • Fill the meat into thin pork intestines or sheep intestines.
  • When filling, make sure that there are no air bubbles in the intestine. If there are some of them you can just pierce the sausage with a needle to let the air escape.
  • The sausages are traditionally made 15-20 cm long.
  • The sausages can now be consumed directly. But they get even better when they are smoked cold twice.

If you want to cook the homemade bratwurst in jars, then the following cooking times apply:

  • 200g jars at 212 ° F for 90 minutes
  • 400g jars at 212 ° F for 120 minutes.

Make sure that you can only fill the jars under the edge by 1-2 cm. The sausage meat expands during cooking and the jars can burst if they are too full.

sausage meat in jar

Many more free homemade sausage recipes and instructions on the topic „how to make sausage“ can also be found on my German page You can easily translate it with e.g. google translator

Meanwhile, I offer there also a guide to the topic of how to make sausage and how to make a ham. If you have no experience or knowledge of how to make sausage, you can benefit from the step by step instructions. These start from the meat selection to the smoking and storage of the finished homemade sausage.

If you already have experience and know how to make sausage, you can benefit from the many precise homemade sausage recipes. If you are interested in the guidebook, you can go there directly via the following link:

How to make sausage, the guidebook

This book is only available in the German language, but you can get a digital copy of it and translate it with a translator e.g. of Google.

german homemade sausage bratwurst


I wish you a lot of fun and success with making homemade sausage and while eating it a good appetite! 🙂

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