How to make Bratwurst

Making Bratwurst itself is fun and brings enjoyment to the eating table. Find out how easy it is to make it and get good old homemade sausage recipes.

homemade sausage recipes german bratwurst

How to make Bratwurst?

The good news is: you do not have to be a butcher for making bratwurst 🙂

Making Bratwurst yourself, if you have the right homemade sausage recipes and instructions on how to make sausage, a breeze and make the ideal introduction to the hobby of making sausage. Because you hardly don’t need tools that are not already found in almost every household.

If you want to make german Bratwurst, you only need the following things:

  • good homemade sausage recipes (you find them on this page 😉 )
  • a sharp knife for the coarse meat cut
  • a neat cutting board, the bigger, the better it works
  • A meat grinder, whether electric or hand-operated does not matter much
  • Ideally, a sausage filler, otherwise sufficient also an essay for the meat grinder with which you can fill the sausage casings. If you have neither a sausage filler nor an attachment, you can also boil the sausage into jars, which means it can be kept for a long time even without cooling and tastes great. Ideal are tumblers with 220ml capacity.

That’s almost all, that’s enough material for making a german Bratwurst. Missing only the most important thing: The most important thing about making german Bratwurst yourself is good homemade sausage recipes. But also it should not fail, the following homemade sausage recipe is extremely tasty and easy to make even for beginners!

Homemade sausage recipe for Paprika bratwurst:

homemade sausage recipes paprika bratwurst

Ingredients for 1 kg ready-made german bratwurst:

  • 1 kg of lean pork shoulder
  • 2 g of ground black pepper
  • 10 g of ground noble sweet pepper
  • 2 g of ground caraway
  • 21 g salt
  • 6 g of fresh garlic or 1 gram of garlic granules

And that’s how to make the german bratwurst:

  • Chop the garlic as finely as possible, the finer the better, so that one does not bite later on larger pieces.
  • The meat, the bacon, and the garlic together with the spices through the 6 mm disc.
  • Mix all ingredients thoroughly until you have a nice sausage mass.
  • The sausage meat is then either stuffed into pork loin or protein strings, who has no sausage filler who fills the sausage into jars.
  • If air bubbles should be present in the finished sausages (see picture below), simply pierce with a needle so that the air can escape.
  • If you fill the bratwurst in jars, the jars should not be made too full, because the sausage would expand during cooking and burst the glasses. Fill the sausage meat only approx. 1 – 1.5 cm below the edge.
  • The Bratwurst is traditionally made about 15 cm long.
The last step in making the german bratwurst sausage:

The bratwursts in the sausage casing are already ready for consumption and can either be sautéed directly or consumed „raw“. In my homeland, the german bratwurst is also like smoked, I personally think that gives them something very special. Who likes to smoke the bratwurst can do this for a day or two using cold smoke.

how to smoke sausage
Delicious german bratwurst after smoking, ready to enjoy 🙂

The bratwurst in the jars has to be boiled down to preserve it. The sausage jars are boiled for 90 minutes in boiling water. After cooking, immediately remove the glasses from the water and allow it to cool quickly. But do not put them in cold water, the glasses would burst otherwise!

And that’s it, that’s how easy the making of german bratwurst is!

Many more homemade sausage recipes and instructions about „how to make sausage“ can be found on my page, have fun browsing and make the sausage itself!

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