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Homemade sausage recipes for delicious sausage

Then you are guaranteed to find something here on this page.

In short, why more and more people are looking for homemade sausage recipes and how to make sausages. It is back in fashion and is attracting more and more people. No wonder a scandal chases the next one and more and more people want the taste for the real again.

Homemade sausage recipes can still be found and I felt the same way, that’s why I decided to make the site „how to make sausage“ and „homemade sausage recipes“ in English, also at the request of many of them and put them online.

If you are looking for good homemade sausage recipes and instructions on how to make sausage you should find it here.

Saitenwurst recipe

this is the little (thin) brother of the BockwurstFrankfurter

homemade sausage recipes for bockwurst,franks

(Franks), Bockwurst or Wiener sausages are made from the same sausage meat. Only their diameter and length vary. In the old years they were made of different kinds of animals, but the taste of the people made them a sausage consisting mainly of pork and beef. If you use homemade sausage recipes you can decide for yourself what it should be in the end.

Meat and spices per kg finished sausage meat:

  • 250g pork
  • 250g pork belly
  • 200g lean, clean defatted beef
  • 150g pork cheek
  • 150g ice crushed or grated
  • 19g salt
  • 3g onion granules
  • 2.2g ground white pepper
  • 0.2g ground cardamom
  • 0.5g ground mace
  • 0.5g ground coriander
  • 0.2g ground dried ginger
  • 0.5g paprika sweet

The preparation of this homemade sausage recipe:

  • Freeze the meat, pork belly and cheeks and grind it through the 2mm disc.
  • Then mix with the spices and the crushed ice and mix well with the food processor for 10-15 minutes, until a nice smooth and well-mixed mass is formed.
  • Then fill the sausage mass as bubble-free as possible into calf 26 calms and turn off after 20 cm. Sheep intestines are tender and bring the typical „crackle“.
  • Then hot-smoke the sausages at about 140 degrees for about 30 – 45 minutes. Times can vary slightly depending on how strong and hot the smoke is. But you recognize the reddish color that the sausage takes when it’s time.
  • Thereafter, the sausages are brewed for 15 minutes at 167 ° F and quenched with cold water.
  • Just let the sausages dry and ready.

Homemade sausage recipes have been part of my life for twenty years. Even as a small child, I was involved in a domestic slaughter. A few years later, when this tradition was ended by the rest of my family, I decided to know how to make sausage and, above all, to keep the good homemade sausage recipes in oblivion. That’s why I started to tell myself how to make sausage and to collect all the homemade sausage recipes I could get.

For many years, I have been providing the knowledge and experience gained over many years to all interested people in the form of a guidebook (so far only in German), helping thousands of people to get homemade sausage recipes and tell/show them how to make sausage.

Only precise homemade sausage recipes bring a consistent and high quality.

Very soon, and already at the beginning of my sausage making career, I found that most sausages taste the same way one time and the other time. I quickly realized that common homemade sausage recipes have extremely large fluctuations and where they come from: Unfortunately, many homemade sausage recipes are a disaster, to say the least!

Since then you read such information as:

  • a cup full …
  • a hand full…
  • a knife
  • a teaspoon
  • a little bit of here
  • some of that

Such homemade sausage recipes cannot bring consistent quality and the sausage must inevitably taste so and times. Alone in my kitchen drawer are at least 3 different sizes of coffee spoons. Not to mention cups or the famous knife tip. Which is true now? The narrow boning knife or the wide cutting knife ?!

Such homemade sausage recipes make little sense and are doomed to failure.

With such recipes, it becomes difficult to answer „how to make sausage“, let alone to achieve good and consistent quality. My biggest concern was therefore to write reliable homemade sausage recipes and a simple guide to it.

The most important tool that answers your question about „how to make sausage“ is a precise balance. Everything else is not as important as this utensil!

good homemade sausage recipes need this

After realizing that the biggest source of error in homemade sausage recipes is inaccuracy, I rewrote them with precise measurements and tested them with precision. As can be seen in the recipe, homemade sausage recipes should look like. Clearly organized and above all, homemade sausage recipes must have precise quantities, the more accurate the better!


Bratwurst Recipe:

Farmers Bratwurst recipe classic style

homemade sausage recipes bratwurst

Ingredients per Kg Bratwurst:

  • 1000 g meat cuts of any kind, preferably still warm.
  • 20 g salt
  • 2.2 g pepper
  • 0.8 g pimento
  • 0.6 g marjoram rubbed
  • 4 g fresh garlic

Preparation of this homemade sausage recipe:

  • Grind the meat through the 6 mm disc, grind the fat through the 4.5 mm disc, the finer the fat, the less it will taste, and the stronger the sausage will be.
  • Fill the finished sausage mixture with the sausage filler, bubble-free as far as possible, into caliber 26 casings and turn off every 20 cm.
  • Bleed any air bubbles by piercing with a needle.
  • The finished sausages can be cold-smoked for one to two days. In Swabia, this is what you do 😉

Homemade sausage recipes have a big advantage:

You can grind all spices fresh and get a very special enjoyment. Fresh spices are particularly intense and can have a stronger impact on our health and well-being.

All homemade sausage recipes are free of preservatives and flavor enhancers. They get the pure taste of homemade sausage like your grandparents or even parents made/knew. Taste of the finest and pure nature.

All homemade sausage recipes are structured and described so that you get a guarantee and even if you do not like a sausage 100%, you can tailor all homemade sausage recipes to your personal taste. That’s a big advantage if you know how to make sausage. Then you have everything in your own hands and make your perfect sausage.

Homemade sausage recipes are as the name implies intended for the home and not for the „professionals“ in the butcher shop… They get everything so that even as a newbie guaranteed to understand everything and imitate it. No professional but as explained as your best friend would do. The taste will be different because nature tastes different than chemistry !! Genuine and unadulterated and I’m sure you will treasure your homemade sausage recipes like a sweetheart.

Your friends and family will love you and you will enjoy what you do. I can say that because I’ve known it for decades and I keep telling it through feedback from proud owners of my books 🙂

Here are more homemade sausage recipes:

Landjaeger Recipe

Homemade sausage recipes for landjaeger

Ingredients for 1 kg of sausage meat:

  • 360 glean shoulder or flail of the pig
  • 360 glean beef
  • 280 g pork belly with 25% meat content
  • 22 g salt
  • 2.5 g sugar
  • 2.2 g ground white pepper
  • 1.5 g whole caraway
  • 1.5 g ground mustard seeds

The preparation of this german homemade sausage recipe:

  • The meat is ground through the 4 mm disc, the fat through the 3 mm disc, or if you like it a bit more rustic also through the 4 mm disc.
  • Mix the meat with the spices and knead until everything is mixed well and binds well.
  • Fill the sausage mixture in caliber 24 calms and turn off every 15 to 20 cm.

There are 2 distinct approaches to the typical quadrangular shape:

1: The classic, you take a Landjaeger form and squeeze the sausages.

2: The variant for the comfortable ones:

Buy at the carpenter 3-4 wooden strips with about 12 mm.

Lay the Land hunters (landjaeger) on a cutting board.

Lay the strips on the outside edge of the boards. They serve that the sausages can be pressed on only 12mm.

Now all you have to do is place a second board on top of it and then squeeze it together with either weights or 2 clamps and let it rest for one hour.

The Landjaeger will also be wonderfully even and pretty to look at. After that, the country hunters (landjaeger) are cold-smoked for 2 days.


Homemade sausage recipes should be easy

My homemade sausage recipes are written for the unskilled and are especially noticeable in the use of the machines because not everyone has a cutter or wants to buy one. Therefore, the homemade sausage is little coarser / less fine, but that’s a mouthfeel of the special kind. I could make my sausage „professional“ too, but I do not want that at all, as homemade sausage recipes should reflect originality and authenticity.

Homemade sausage recipes give you the freedom to introduce yourself as you can get to know all the common spices and put together your own favorite sausage. Especially the „bratwurst“, because it is the simplest and fastest of them all.

Bratwurst recipe Nürnberger-Bratwurst (Nuremberger style)

homemade sauge recipes nuernberger bratwurst

Ingredients per Kg Bratwurst:

  • 250 g beef (clean from grease)
  • 750gstreaky pork
  • 20gsalt
  • 2.3gpepper finely ground black
  • 1.3 g marjoram rubbed
  • 0.5gmace
  • 0.25 g dried ginger

The preparation of the Bratwurst:

  • Grind the meat, free of cartilage, tendons and silver skin, through the 3 mm disc.
  • Mix with the spices for about 5 minutes and knead until you have nice sausage meat.
  • Fill the finished sausage mixture with the sausage filler, bubble-free as far as possible, into caliber 22 casings and turn off every 10 cm.
  • Bleed any air bubbles by piercing with a needle, otherwise, the sausage meat can oxidize.
  • The finished sausages can be immediately fried and enjoyed, if you like, you can smoke the finished sausages one day cold they will be even spicier.

If you hear homemade sausage recipes, you would like to think of bratwurst or liverwurst (Leberwurst), but salami, meat cheese (Leberkäse), yellow sausage (Gelbwurst), sausage (Mettwurst/Teewurst) or bockwurst are also included. The variety is huge and will enrich your selection of sausages and prepare a lot of joy in doing.

Zwiebelmettwurst Recipe:

homemade sausage recipes heuberger zwiebelmettwurst

Ingredients per 1 Kg of finished homemade sausage:

  • 700g lean pork belly with some fat on it
  • 300g lean pork20gsalt
  • 2.5 g ground white pepper
  • 30g Onions or alternatively(9 g)sterilized onions (onion granules)

Preparation of this homemade sausage recipe:

  • The meat and belly are grounded well cooled through the 4.5mm disc.
  • Mix everything vigorously in the mixer or food processor until a light binding begins.
  • Fill the sausage meat with the sausage filler in sterile intestines.
  • The weight is traditionally 200-300g.

The sausage is ready to serve as a spread. The sausage is only short-lived therefore eat quickly