Homemade sausage recipes and preparation

This post about how to make sausage is about the preparations. It is very useful to know about this step if you want to make sausage. You do not only need good homemade sausage recipes but also background knowledge to be successful and have fun.

preparations for homemade sausage recipes

Before you start making your homemade sausage, you should make the following preparations:

First, think about which homemade sausage recipes you want to proceed and in which quantity you want to make it. If this is certain, print out all the required homemade sausage recipes in large letters. So that you can read them at any time without having to take your hands on them. Calculate the required spices and see if you have everything in stock in the required quantity.

Good homemade sausage recipes and proper tools bring success.

tools and good homemade sausage recipes

Make sure you have all the equipment you need. So that you do not have to search for a long time when you have started to produce the sausages, or even notice that something is missing. Sharpen all needed knives and make sure to check the wolf knife and wolf discs for their sharpness.

This is done in the following way: Turn the knife with the blades upwards, then put a fine wolf disk (best a 2mm disc) on it and lift it slowly and carefully. If the knife sticks to the disc, like they are magnetic then the disc and the knife are sharp. If the knife does not lift, it must be sharpened or replaced.

Sharp wolf knives are the most important thing if you want to make homemade sausage because with blunt knives the meat is not cut but pressed through the disc.

The structure of the meat would be injured, there are long meat fibers and the meat is also warm which should not happen under any circumstances. How to grind knives I explain in a later post.

Calculate the amount of meat needed to make the desired homemade sausage recipes.


Calculate how much you need from different types of meat, e.g. Bacon, belly, shoulder, flail, etc. If you do not slaughter yourself order the meat in time at the butcher.

If you want to make homemade sausage and only want to use freshly ground spices instead of ready mixes, go through all the sausage recipes and combine all the spices you need. Grind them the day before. The ground spices are then best filled in clearly labeled glasses with a screw cap. So they are packed in aroma-safe and when you proceed the sausage the spices are immediately at hand.

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