The most important ingredient of homemade sausage recipes

Can you guess what the most important ingredient of homemade sausage recipes is and what makes the biggest difference in the taste? Believe it or not, it is the meat!

Let’s go on on the way of learning how to make sausage. In the next few posts, I want to dedicate myself to the most important things if you want to make homemade sausage by yourself …

And these are not only homemade sausage recipes but most notably the meat.

most important ingredient of homemade sausage recipes
Can you see a difference? 😉

The success and the taste of homemade sausage are largely dependent on the quality of the meat!

Meat is not always the same meat, and there are big differences in quality. These include, among other things, how the animal was kept, what it got to eat and also the age of slaughter plays a big role.

If you not only want to make your own homemade sausage but also process the meat into bacon, schnitzel or roast, then the storage time of the meat is also important.

The most important question if you want to make sausage yourself, is whether you want to process: a conventionally raised pig or meat from animals from organic agriculture.

There are many good reasons for using organic meat when you realize homemade sausage recipes.

If you want to make homemade sausage yourself you should give preference to organic meat. Point 1 is that organically raised animals have a better life during their rearing than those from factory farming.

Because in meat factories everything is designed for the fastest possible growth and the animal is treated like a „commodity“. Organic meat is much firmer and not so watery due to slower growth and more exercise.

Animals from organic agriculture get better feed and vegetables to eat that gives the meat a better taste. The homemade sausage and ham taste much more intense and much better.

Organic meat contains less residue from medicines and other feed additives. And it gives you a good feeling when you know that you could contribute that at least the animals whose meat you eat had a better life.

You can also contribute a part to protecting the environment and preserving it for our children.

excellent meat for excellent homemade sausage
Almost free-living pigs on Sardinia, meat from animals that are raised like this is extremely tasty!

You don’t have to believe me and I suggest the following to you. Realize one of your favorite homemade sausage recipes with organic meat and a part of the same with conventional meat and see if you can see and taste the difference 😉

The only thing that speaks for the use of conventional meat for sausage production is the low price but nothing more.

In the next post, I deal with the questions about the age of the pig and the subject of mature meat. If you already make sausage yourself share your experience with organic meat and leave a comment!

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