The most important ingredient of homemade sausage recipes Part 2

Good meat is even more important for a good homemade sausage than good homemade sausage recipes.

The age of the pig when it is slaughtered is a very important point. Because depending on the age of the animal the meat has a different texture. And because of that, it is more or less suitable for homemade sausage or the production of ham.

If you only want to make fresh eaten homemade sausage out of the sow you can take a young pig, about 7-8 months old. The meat has a very fine texture and is juicier than older meat.

If you want to make a sausage that must mature such as homemade salami it is better to use the meat of older animals because it contains less water and thus it is better suitable for sausages like that.

raw material for homemade sausage

If you also want to make roast, bacon and ham and sausage that must ripen. You take a slightly older animal, which is about 9-12 months old. The meat is then much firmer and not so watery.

You can then roast the meat better and the ham has a better consistency and even more taste. Salami and other sausages that have to ripen succeed more secure with meat that contains less water. If you pay attention to all this, you can make perfect homemade sausage and ham yourself.

If you don’t process a whole pig everything is much easier. When you buy your meat at a good butcher he will give you the right meat for the desired purpose. He knows which kind of meat fits perfect for the homemade sausage you want to make. Most butchers I know are very helpful for that.

If you have already gained experience in making homemade sausages and ham, please let us know by commenting on this post 🙂

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