homemade sausage recipes german bratwurst

Would you like to make german homemade sausage and need some good homemade sausage recipes?

Ok, here we go let’s do the well known german Bratwurst 🙂

homemade german bratwurst

Today there is a sausage recipe to make a really famous and well-known homemade sausage, its a classic! And it is one of my absolute favorite of homemade sausage recipes because it is very easy to do. Especially for Newbies! It’s the: Rough farmer bratwurst.

Tools that you need to make this homemade sausage:

  1. Sharp knife
  2. cutting board
  3. meat grinder
  4. a sausage filler makes your life much easier. If necessary, it is also possible to fill the homemade sausage with the meatgrinder
  5. and the most important thing: of course a good homemade sausage recipe, you’ll get it directly 😉

The best pieces of meat for this german homemade bratwurst recipe

Hind leg, shoulder, neck and, of course, pithy belly. But you can use any meat for that, that’s the nice thing about the homemade bratwurst it’s straightforward 🙂

You can use the meat of all kinds of animals for bratwurst. But make sure that about two-thirds are of the pig, it makes the bratwurst juicier.

Recipe for german homemade bratwurst:

For 1 kilogram german bratwurst:

  • 600 gram of lean meat
  • and 400 gram of pork belly

The spices per 1 kilogram Bratwurst:

  • 20-gram salt
  • 2 gram of black pepper finely ground
  • 0.25-0.3 gram nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon of marjoram ground
  • 2-gram garlic
  • 0.8-gram allspice

Free the meat from tendons and silver skin. Then cut the meat into strips of 2-3cm so that the meat grinder grabs the meat effortlessly. Then grind the meat with the spices through the 8 mm disc. The belly is grounded through the 5 mm disc.

Mix everything neatly together until it is slightly binding and then fill in sausage casings. Make sure that there are no air bubbles in the sausages. If there are some bubbles you just stab with a needle. If air is in the homemade sausages, the meat would oxidize, which adversely affects the taste and appearance.

The finished homemade sausages can be smoked. If you like to then do cold-smoking for 1-3 days.

With good homemade sausage recipes making sausage is a breeze! Try it and you will succeed 🙂

If you want to have a typical german dish take the homemade bratwurst, cook it slowly in a pot with some sauerkraut. Serve it with a slice of fresh bread and of course a glass of cold beer 😉 We Germans like that really, especially we Swabians 😉

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