Homemade sausage and the hygiene

When you are making homemade sausage, there are a few things that should be noted.

The most important thing for making homemade sausage is hygiene.

Wash your hands before you start properly and again and again during making sausage. If you want to try sausage meat, take a clean fork every time.

If you take sausage meat with your fingers, drop it into your mouth, but do not bring your fingers into contact with your mouth. Otherwise, lactic acid bacteria can enter the sausage meat. These should not be in there.

Keep the cutting boards clean and wipe them again and again.Before you start to make homemade sausage clean all tools properly with hot water.When done, clean everything as fast as you can, because if everything is fresh, it is much easier to remove impurities.

temperature when proceeding homemade sausageMake sure that the temperature in the room where you make your own homemade sausage is not too high. The cooler the better, at least for the sausage 😉

In particular, if you make poultry sausage, you must pay great attention to hygiene, because poultry is often contaminated with salmonella. Poultry meat should not be processed at the same time as other meat.


When you are done cutting chicken meat, carefully clean the cutting boards and knives with hot water and detergent. Raw sausages should not be produced from poultry in principle.

Speaking of raw sausage, never give raw onions in raw sausage, because these begin to ferment after a few days and spoil the homemade sausages completely!

If you pay attention to all this, the success of making homemade sausage is no longer an obstacle.

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