Good homemade sausage recipes are important

Good homemade sausage recipes are the most important thing and they tell you how to make sausage!

You are looking for homemade sausage recipes to make sausage by yourself? Then you are exactly right here because this is all about the sausage production in your own kitchen. What makes good sausage recipes…?

homemade sausage recipes
Sorry, it is a German sausage recipe, but soon you will get it in English… 🙂

The biggest source of error in sausage making is the homemade sausage recipes. So I would like to go into this post a little more into detail. And explain why my homemade sausage recipes are different from most others and why you should necessarily use precise homemade sausage recipes.

I’m always amazed at what sausage recipes most people work with. The majority of homemade sausage recipes are simply too inaccurate and not precise enough to ensure consistent quality.

Details such as „something, a bit, a handful, etc.“ are very strong opinions. And you should not be surprised if you use such homemade sausage recipes if the sausage once tastes heavenly good and the next time then somehow too spicy nor too bland.

Especially with salt, it is extremely important that the amount is given as accurately as possible. Too little can affect the durability negatively and too much spoils the sausage with ease or at least causes a strong thirst 😉

Why the tablespoon does not belong in homemade sausage recipes…!

Most homemade sausage recipes cannot work without the tablespoon or teaspoon as a quantity. This circumstance dates back to times when there were no accurate scales or these were priceless.

If you have always taken the same spoon in a family as a measure to implement the sausage recipes, then this is no longer a problem and you can also achieve consistent quality, BUT:

I just found 3 different tablespoons in my kitchen drawer and filled them with water for the sake of interest and then weighed the water exactly:   

  • Tablespoon 1: 6.9 grams    
  • Tablespoon 2: 9.6 grams    
  • Tablespoon 3: 10.5 grams

At first glance, you can already see that the differences can be quite large. Expressed in percent, you can clearly see the difference:

  • Spoon 1: 100%       
  • Spoon 2: 139%
  • Spoon 3: 152%

If you now measure the salt with these different tablespoons, then you have the following quantities and results:

  • Spoon 1: 20 grams: delicious sausage, because this amount is usually just right
  • Spoon 2: 28 grams: very salty sausage    
  • Spoon 3: 30.4 grams: extremely salty sausage, actually inedible

Good homemade sausage recipes should be accurate and accurate to the tenth of a gram

It is equally important that the sausage recipes are clearly arranged and that all-important work steps are described in detail. The diameter of the holes in the wolf disk or whether the spices and the salt are mixed together with the meat or mixed later, etc.

scales for the spices
Precisely measure spices

Always when I made the homemade sausage I weighed with a scale that weighs to 0.1 grams. This gives consistently good quality and the sausage always tastes the same delicious 😀

The only exception is rotted spices because I also use teaspoons for my homemade sausage recipes because they are simply too light to be reliably weighed in small quantities. With these spices, it is not wrong if something more or less is in the sausage.

An exact scale is already available from 14-20 $ and is therefore not a big investment, but worth it tremendously!

But now enough of the words which distinguish good homemade sausage recipes from less good ones you know now. Over the following link, you get sausage recipes that work:

>>>Homemade sausage recipes <<<

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Thank you 😀 and have fun when you use my proven homemade sausage recipes!

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