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How to make sausage german bratwurst

You ask yourself how to make sausage? I will explain it to you and give you a homemade sausage recipe for German bratwurst.

How to make sausage bratwurst
Soon you will get to know how to make sausage like this and get the right one homemade sausage recipe.

Making sausage yourself is easier than you might think.

Making German Bratwurst is fun and it is one of the easiest sausages I know. By using the following homemade sausage recipe you are guaranteed to succeed.

First a few words before, why it is good to know how to make sausage.

If you make your own sausage, then you know exactly what’s inside. And you can do everything the way you want it, so you will get YOUR personal homemade sausage recipes which fit exactly your personal desires 🙂

Do you want sausage without chemical additives? No problem. I will show you how to make sausage in natural ways and I created lots of homemade sausage recipes especially for that. You want spicy sausage or with fresh herbs from the garden? Also no problem. You can customize everything to your liking and in this way, you will get the homemade sausage recipes that are perfect for you. You can omit everything that you do not like or add what you want to have 🙂 If you do not yet know very well how to make sausage, the perfect sausage, to begin with, is the bratwurst. To make this sausage you need only a few tools and no previous knowledge. The easiest homemade sausage recipes are the ones for Bratwurst. It always succeeds and is also made very fast 🙂 Especially now in the barbecue season, this is especially convenient! Because within a short time a big load of homemade sausage is made and ready to go on the grill! 😉

What kind of meat should be used for this homemade sausage recipe?

Homemade sausage recipes meat

Generally, you can make a bratwurst out of every piece of meat. But the best is the meat from the hind leg. This is only slightly mixed and then you do not have to work hard to clean it up. Meat from the shoulder, however, is very strong, if you use this then you have to cut quite a bit to remove anything that would later disturb the eating pleasure. Bratwurst itself should not be work but fun, so I strongly recommend the meat from the hind leg. For the fat, you use best pork belly. This has a pleasantly soft fat and brings a good taste.

OK, now you know which meat and fat are the best for bratwurst homemade sausage recipes. The next point is the tools you need.

How to make sausage out of the meat, the needed tools:

Luckily you need very few tools 🙂 Most are already present in almost every household. Even if you do not have one or the other, you can still make your own homemade sausage.

You only need the following:

  • good homemade sausage recipes, you will find them later 😉
  • A sharp knife for meat cutting
  • A reasonably sized cutting board
  • a bowl to knead the meat
  • If you want to cook the bratwurst, you need a few tumblers
  • A meat grinder
  • And ideally a sausage filler and sausage casings/intestines

If you do not have a sausage filler, you can also fill the meat with the meat grinder. This is a bit of a fumble, but for the beginning, it is still feasible. You can also make the finished sausage meat with your hands into sausages and then grill or roast them.

If you do not have a meat grinder, you can also buy minced meat in the butchery (fat content should be about 25%). You can then spice it up like written in the homemade sausage recipes found on this page and make bratwurst out of it. You see, even if you have no equipment, making homemade Bratwurst is nevertheless possible 🙂
And this is how to make sausage from the meat:

How to make sausage how to prepare the meat

First, you cut away all the fibers and silver skins from the meat (are whitish/silvery shiny and mostly outside on the meat). In the pork belly sometimes cartilage, even these cut away. Then you cut the meat and the belly in oblong strips of about 2-3 cm wide. So they fit well in the meat grinder and are easily grasped by this.

Now you know how much meat and fat you have and you can prepare and grind the spices from the homemade sausage recipe above.

Before grinding the meat, all the spices and salt from the homemade sausage recipe are already mixed with the meat. This ensures a good bond and everything is pretty well mixed. At this point, we now have just well spiced minced meat. And how to make sausage meat out of it, whats the important difference between minced meat and sausage meat? It needs binding! This is created by kneading. Knead the minced meat until it starts to form lumps and gets a bit sticky. This will take 2-3 minutes depending on how much you are stirring or kneading.

The stronger and longer you knead, the stronger the bond becomes and the firmer the finished homemade sausage becomes. With a little practice, you’ll soon realize when the right binding is achieved. Do not worry, even if your first homemade sausage is not quite perfect, the second or third is guaranteed 😉 After just doing it several times, you will be much more experienced about how to make sausage and remember: Practice creates masters 😉

If the sausage meat is well mixed and cohesive, you can fill it in the sausage casing. The finished sausages can now be eaten directly, grilled or roasted 🙂

If you want to boil the bratwurst, fill the glasses with the sausage meat about 1-1.5 cm under the edge and stuff everything tightly.

how to make sausage in jars

Then close the lid and close it tightly. Boil 220 ml glasses for 90 minutes and allow to cool quickly. But do not put the glasses in cold water, the glasses could burst!

It’s so easy to make bratwurst yourself! Now you know how to make sausage, but now only the most important thing is missing, a good homemade sausage recipe 😉

Homemade sausage recipe for Bratwurst (farmer bratwurst)

For 1 kg Bratwurst:
600 g of lean meat and 400 g fat belly of pork

Spices per kg Bratwurst:

  • 20 g salt
  • 2 g of black pepper finely ground
  • 0.25-0.3 g nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon of grounded marjoram
  • 2 g garlic
  • 0.8 g allspice
how to make sausage out of the ingredients:
  • Weigh all the spices from the homemade sausage recipe as accurate as possible and mash them
  • Free the meat and belly of cartilage, tendons and silver skin.
  • Cut the meat and belly into strips and mix with the spices and salt.
  • Grind everything through the 6mm-disk.
  • Knead for 2-3 minutes and mix everything carefully.
  • Fill the sausage meat with the meat grinder or the sausage filler in sausage casings.
  • The most important step: enjoy the finished homemade sausage and be proud! You have made your first German bratwurst 😉
how to make sausage homemade bratwurst
4 reasons why it is better to know how to make sausage and why it is worth to do it 😉

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make sausage and I hope it helped you.

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