Everything about how to make sausage

How to make sausage, with the highest quality

How to make sausage, with the highest quality

Once you know how to make sausage, it is quite simple and brings the taste of the good old days back to the vespers table. How to make sausage that is second to none, what you need and should know about accessories, can be found here.

how to make sausage with bio meat

How to make sausage, it starts with the meat selection

The most important ingredient in making sausage is clearly the meat. It decides decisively about the final result, therefore I would like to go into this article a little more exactly on it. For the importance of meat, the selection is all too often underestimated.

How good the sausage will be, which you make, is primarily due to the quality of the ingredients. That means in plain language, only if you give the best in a sausage, you also get an above-average good sausage.

And this is where the big advantage starts if you know, how to make sausage yourself. You have it in your own hands, what you put into the sausage. In the sausage industry and in most butcheries there is simply a tremendous price pressure. That’s why often saved in the quality because you can not see what’s in the sausage and how it was made.

If you make your own sausage you will determine what comes in and whatnot.

how to cut meat and how to make sausage out of it

My recommendation is, therefore, no matter how you make sausage or which variety, you should only use good meat that you would eat so synonymous.

If you want to make a really perfect sausage, buy organic meat because it has many benefits that will not only benefit your taste!

Animals from organic farms have more freedom of movement, so the meat is less fat and not so watery. It has a much better structure and the taste is noticeably better. It is usually already visible to the meat, it has a much darker and stronger color.

Bio-meat is particularly noticeable in the smell. Because no matter how you make sausage, the ingredients always come into their own. Organic meat does not smell so much like a pig, but much more pleasant. This is simply because the stables are larger and usually better ventilated in organic farms. It`s naturally better if you could get a free-roaming pig, as I recently photographed on a mountain in Sardegna:

pigs in nature

As always when I make sausage at home, I first visit the farmer and take a look at the stable. If he wants to deny me, then I know that there is something to hide and I will buy there guaranteed nothing.

The most important thing is not what you see, but what you smell! If it stinks of ammonia and manure in the barn, then you smell later also with the sausage, because the animals take up the smell. Pay attention to it, you can smell it especially when roasting unseasoned meat very clearly.

The best meat from which you make sausage and also for consumption as schnitzel or roast is the meat of animals that have a lot of run-offs. However, this is unfortunately rare to find. An establishment that I personally know is an open-air museum on the Swabian Alb, where a few pigs are reared according to the old custom. The meat has its price and is not easy to get, but is really the best you can imagine!

Now that you know how to make good sausage, go if you have the chance and use meat from animals that get a decent feed. This also has later had a strong impact on the taste of the meat. Pay a little bit more money for the meat you make sausage, it’s definitely worth it!

Do you know Jamon Iberico? The pigs from which it is made, run around all day and eat only fresh grass, herbs and acorns in the fall. This is more than noticeable in appearance and taste and is appreciated by connoisseurs around the world.


It’s worth investing a bit more in buying meat and looking for a really good farmer. You know how to make sausage that you can not find in the butchers in vain. Where to get the best meat can be easily found out with the nose 😉

how to make sausage and some types you can make

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