about me

Who I am, how you can find out easily how to make sausage and why I created this site

Let’s get started with who I am:

autor how to make sausage
My name is Holger Frech and I live in the little village Egesheim on the Heuberg in Germany.

What is this page about?
Here you can get insights and information about how to make sausage. You will see how easy it is if you have a good guide and and proven homemade sausage recipes.
A good sausage begins with the selection of the meat and ends with the correct aging or storage. You will learn everything you need to know here.
I want to inspire you to do it yourself and to experience it so that you too can enjoy natural tasty and healthy sausages.

homemade sausage recipes result
Good homemade sausage recipes and knowing how to make sausage can make such dreams become true 😉

Savory sausage should not be a thing of the past. And that’s why I started collecting homemade sausage recipes and everything worth knowing over 20 years ago. So that I can do what my grandfather used to do: Making sausage!
I’ll show you exactly what you need to make sausage yourself. Here’s a little overview:

Tools to make sausage

Starting with meat, overall tools and machines. The processing of meat, the assortment of own fresh spice mixes for the homemade sausage recipes. The selection and the preparation and filling of the sausage casings and glasses is here also treated in detail, so that the finished sausage is also durable. And of course how to smoke sausage and ham.

I want to show you, how to make sausage, with easy and proven methods.

Why was this page created?
It all started in 2011 in Germany. Many acquaintances, relatives, and friends asked me to share my numerous homemade sausage recipes and knowledge about how to make sausage with others. Thats why i created the site www.wurst-selber-machen.de. But one after anonther 😉
After several requests from my acquaintances, I also started years ago, to write my first guidebook on how to make sausage and I have passed on to them.
They read the guidebook and made their own sausage and ham themselves in the kitchen with the help of the step by step instructions.
They were so excited about how well everything is described and how tasteful the homemade sausage recipes are. So they have repeatedly asked me to make this knowledge available to all those interested.

making homemade sausage
Just another few minutes and the homemade sausage is ready to be eaten 🙂

Then I set about creating the German page www.wurst-selber-machen.de. This was a resounding success! In the meantime, I have been able to show tens of thousands of people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland,  how to make sausage in a simple and effective way. The books published by me on the subject occupy the top spots at Amazon in the sausage category. Over the years, I received enthusiastic feedback from countless people, who had previously not ventured to the matter. And now quickly and easily, they make sausage by themselves, through my guides and my proven homemade sausage recipes. I also got more and more inquiries from the English speaking people, if my books are available in English. That’s why I’ve set out to share my knowledge and experience in this field with all the people who speak English. I’ve often heard how much Americans like German sausage, but it’s hard to find. Here’s the solution to this problem: simply get to know, how to make sausage, use my proven homemade sausage recipes and enjoy both: making the sausages and most important eating them! 😉

That’s why I created the page how-to-make-sausage.com.

I am very proud to show it to you and to give you all my knowledge. So that you too can get to know how to make sausages yourself.
I’ve put special focus on making every single step as easy and precise as I could explain so that really everyone can make his own sausage.
I can still remember my beginnings when I started making sausage myself. It was not an easy time and really difficult to get all the information that is required.
At that time I was grateful for any help I could get! This was my way of saying thank you by helping others.
This site is intended to help anyone interested in making delicious and high-quality sausage on their own. And to see how much fun and delight it can bring to your life.
This site now gives you the opportunity to learn and experience all, that I have learned and brought together for more than 20 years.
I wish you a lot of pleasure in getting to know how to make sausage, and when it’s done, Bon appetite!

Sincerely your Holger Frech
the german sausagemaker 🙂


Autor and finished homemade sausage