How to make Sausage

How to make sausage
Soon you will know how to make sausage and something like this can be your result 🙂

How to make Sausage and get good homemade sausage recipes?

No longer a problem for you, here you will learn how it is done and how you will succeed!

Allow me a few words about me: I am a german sausagemaker, my English may not be perfect, but your homemade sausages will be it! 😉

Making homemade sausage by yourself is a wonderful hobby that is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because who knows how to make sausage and uses homemade sausage recipes, knows exactly what’s in the sausage and gets an incomparable pleasure and taste experience.

It makes me very happy when I see that there are more and more like-minded people who search for homemade sausage recipes and want to relate to their food again. They also want to have homemade sausages, which are a piece of genuine craftsmanship. A homemade sausage that tastes as it used to in the good old days, naturally and unadulterated … .. free from chemicals, additives and without sodium nitrite (nitrite pickling salt)!

If you have learned how to make sausage,

you will be amazed at how good and above all else natural sausage tastes. Among other things, the natural fluctuations of maturation are responsible for this. The finished homemade sausage always tastes a bit different and depending on the region and season, it gets a very typical taste again. Sounds good to you? Soon you will get it because I show you how to make sausage and supply you with homemade sausage recipes.

And the great thing about it, you can make homemade sausage all year round, whether summer or winter. I know you are used to from the past, that anyone made sausage only in the cold season, but that had several reasons:

  • For the winter, the pigs were ready for slaughter.
  • In the cold season, you had more time to devote yourself to the sausage.
  • There was no cooling required, or you did not have the opportunity.
  • The finished sausage products were longer lasting due to the cold than in summer.

homemade sausage

A typical summer sausage, for example, is the salami, it needs certain temperatures in order to ripen properly and thus to reach their typical aroma and their durability. And to make the other types of homemade sausage to be preserved, you simply use the freezer or cooking in glasses. Thus, homemade sausages can be kept for months.

The benefits of knowing how to make sausage:

How often have I heard, that every sausage, no matter what kind, always tastes the same and no longer as good and tasty as before! Could that be the reason why you visit this page and want to learn how to make sausage? Are you also looking for the real taste and might you be searching for good homemade sausage recipes because of that?

Yes, I noticed that too, and that’s why I started to learn how to make sausage almost two decades ago … The sausage connoisseurs who know the real sausage of yore, yearn for the taste of the good old days, a real homemade sausage still carries in itself.

But how to make homemade sausage that tastes like that? This is achieved by homemade sausage recipes which base on natural spices, natural salt and the time of rest and maturing ?

A good sausage must be able to mature and time is known to cost money. Thus today is tricked and saved, so that the sausage is finished faster, costs less and still „tastes“. But does such a sausage taste really good ..?

No, our brain is only faked by taste-enhancing substances, you can clearly see that when you make a natural „Fleischkäse“ (a german sausage could be translated with „meat cheese“), for example. He has completely different flavors (especially the smell) and the „not enough of it“, as one knows it with the commercial „Fleischkäse“ there is not there.

How to make sausage homemade

Real homemade sausage tastes delicious and satisfies very fast. So you do not even get tempted to eat too much of it. Another important point, why you should learn how to make sausage and use my proven homemade sausage recipes is the fat content. You can set it yourself who likes it lean, just take less fat and who would like to have juicier, just takes a bit more. That’s the nice thing when you know how to make sausage by yourself, you get a sausage that suits your own wishes and ideas.

You can create your own homemade sausage recipes, that are perfect for your personal preferences. Commercial fine sausages (Like Frankfurter, Fleischkäse or Münchner Weisswurst) contain a lot of fat because that too must be processed in order to keep prices low. Since fat has a lower binding power and water would later expire, binders such as phosphates are added, which then bind the whole.

Why knowing how to make sausage and using natural homemade sausage recipes does a great service to your health.

In today’s sausage industry is usually worked with ready-made spice blends. These contain many additives, so that the sausage always tastes the same and gets its typical consistency, smell and appearance. Above all, sausage can be made in this way, without very much knowledge and effort, because the chemistry regulates everything, so nothing can go wrong. But this is not the best way how to make sausage, read why:

From all the different ways of how to make sausage, using the chemistry would be the most convenient one. But these additives have a negative impact on our health and not in vain is warned against eating too much sausage in particular. Especially warned against sodium nitrite, which is present in commercial sausage.

What is so bad about the normal sausage?

Mainly it is the chemistry:

  • Sodium nitrite (nitrite pickling salt)
  • phosphate
  • preservatives
  • flavor enhancer
  • Emulsifiers (E numbers)

Consider these substances are partially subject to the „Hazardous Substances Regulation“ !!!

That’s why my homemade sausage recipes are all without sodium nitrite and other chemical additives.

How to make sausage natural

Another important factor why you should know how to make sausage and do it, are the additives in the feed of factory farming. The additives in the food of the animals, pass on the meat and thus on us humans.

And last but not least, the excessive fat content in the sausages, where you can not see it and hardly taste it…

A homemade sausage, based on homemade sausage recipes that use no chemistry is completely different. Those who know how to make sausage and make it with meat from species-appropriate animals, with balanced fat content buys, (best BIO meat from the farmer of trust) is on the meat side on the right side. And who then still waives the pickling salt and other artificial additives and uses natural homemade sausage recipes (like the ones on this page), has a real natural sausage ?

Now many will say, but then cooked sausage looks gray… Yes but…

How to make sausage without pickling salt

As you can see here, a liver sausage is also gray and it tastes very delicious and is much healthier for our health. ?

Yes also in terms of color, the chemical industry has played a trick on us and always sold us red sausage, which gives the impression of freshness, because fresh meat is now red. But as the meat scandals have proved, is the beautiful red sausage, sometimes anything but fresh?

But how to make sausage that is nice red without nitrates?

If you want to have reddish sausages even without chemistry, you can color them. There are natural foods that transfer the red color to other foods. This is healthy, looks beautiful and corresponds to nature.

It is also so easy without sodium nitrite, all my homemade sausage recipes are geared to that.  ?

Here I would like to remark briefly that an escalope is also gray and nevertheless it tastes very delicious and nobody complains… You could also treat an escalope with sodium nitrite, then the escalope would be red, but I’m sure many would have a problem with that ? As you’ll see, I also dye some sausages because it just looks „pretty“ (it’s just the power of habit ?).

Here it is as in life, the one is red, the other gray and so it is with the sausage. I would not dye a liver-sausage, a „Fleischkäse“ (meat cheese) or a Bratwurst in the glass, on the other hand, yes. However, I searched successfully for ways how to make sausage without chemistry! I work without sodium nitrite (nitrite pickling salt) !! My style of dyeing adds even more flavor to the game. ? That’s it how to make sausage in a better way!

This homemade bratwurst was dyed by me in a very natural way and I think it looks well?! ?

How to make sausage natural

That’s the great advantage when you know how to make sausage, you have everything in your own hands!

For a homemade sausage that is not cooked, you can safely do without coloring and thus receives a very natural reddish-brown sausage. When it is young and fresh it is rather red and with maturity, it is getting darker and darker to an appetizing reddish-brown color. This is just in the nature of the thing, you can go back to the origin, use natural homemade sausage recipes and thus have a portion of pure food, as nature has thought, delicious and healthy.

homemade sausage recipes bratwurst

Once you have tasted this delicacy, I am sure you will want to know how to make sausage, with good natural homemade sausage recipes and do not want to eat the traditional sausage, because otherwise, you would miss the good taste and good conscience.
But knowing how to make sausage yourself brings you even more …..

You do not just get great pleasure .. No! You will also enjoy it if you can understand and implement this ancient craft. At that time I did not suspect how much fun it is to make homemade sausages. Especially once you know how fast and easy the whole thing works. It takes just 15 minutes to enjoy „the fastest and simplest homemade sausage“.

A rough overview of how to make sausage by yourself:
  • Put the spice mixture fresh according to the homemade sausage recipes.
  • Cut the meat in Stripes, so the meat grinder can handle it better.
  • Grind the Meat to the right size, as stated in the sausage-recipe.
  • Mix the minced meat and spices until the sausage meat has bound well.
  • Now put the sausage into sausage-casing or jars and preserve it, or give it a nice shape and just fry it in a pan.

How to make sausage varieties

Mettwursts and homemade Bratwurst can be eaten immediately. Who wants to refine them, can also use the processing of other sausages, that’s the great thing about knowing how to make sausage: endless variety!

  • Freeze the homemade sausage so it can be stored for months.
  • Grilling the homemade sausage is a very good idea in summer everyone loves it.
  • You can Sear the sausages.
  • Let the sausages ripen and you will get a very special taste.
  • Boil it, for example, a typical german dish is „the Bratwurst boiled an served with the famous german Sauerkraut“.
  • Put the sausages in glasses and cook it, so they can be kept for months and don’t have to be cooled.
  • Hot smoking gives your homemade sausage a very special taste.
  • Cold smoking makes the homemade sausage tenable for weeks.
homemade sausage recipes smoked
Homemade sausages in a smoke chamber

When you know how to make sausage, you get a very different relation to what you eat and the joy about the successful product is huge. If friends and acquaintances enjoy your homemade sausage without knowing it in advance, then you are sure to be asked where you got these delicacies from. And you can then answer proudly:

I just did that myself, I know how to make sausage and I have some secret homemade sausage recipes 🙂

How to make sausage easy

Look forward to the astonished and admiring eyes of the tasters of your homemade sausage. And you will receive thankfully and praising words from your loved ones and friends …… (I know what I’m talking about)

I can recommend to anyone, who likes fresh, genuine and good taste and wants to do something good for his health, to learn how to make sausage and use natural homemade sausage recipes  … Oh, the price is also a great thing, because homemade sausage costs only a fraction in comparison to a sausage from the butcher shop. And the fun of making homemade sausage is priceless!

Do not worry, that will soon become a reality for you as well, because I will show you proven ways how to make sausage and supply you good homemade sausage recipes as well!

Just a few words on my own, why this page exists and why my book, that shows how to make sausage and all the good old homemade sausage recipes are so special:
Already as a child, I was involved in the sausage-making procedure and slaughter and for my relatives, it was absolutely normal to make homemade sausage instead of buying it.

But the creators were getting older and one after the other was just too old or died. And the younger ones had simply no interest to learn how to make sausage. ?

When this tradition threatened to die out, I made the decision, almost two decades ago, to resume and continue this tradition in accordance with ancient custom.

I decided to learn „how to make sausage“ and to keep the good old homemade sausage recipes!

I asked all who are familiar with the homemade sausage procedure itself (including butchers) questioned and all homemade sausage recipes I could get collected. Many homemade sausage recipes are from old times and unfortunately, people did not have the opportunity to weigh as accurately as they can today. In all the older homemade sausage recipes it was said in the quantities „a handful, a teaspoon, a tablespoon, something, and so on“.

homemade sausage recipes spices

This inevitably means that the homemade sausage tastes once so and sometimes so, even when you use the same homemade sausage recipe. Not the best way how to make sausage, isn’t it? I had realized that a good sausage depends on precise quantities in the recipes to achieve the desired success and lead to a consistent quality. I worked on the homemade sausage recipes for a long time and tried a lot until I had finally determined all spices to the tenth of a gram exactly. In all ways how to make sausage this is the best because you know what taste you will finally get.

I then archived the whole thing and wrote all the homemade sausage recipes and procedures down so nothing can be lost anymore. This will keep everything for posterity and my like-minded people who are searching for homemade sausage recipes. With the instructions and homemade sausage recipes, even newbies know very fast how to make sausage by themselves in a simple way and my long and tedious job has paid off.

This experience and time of experimentation are on this page and in my books. My effort and craftsmanship should help like-minded and interested people, who want to learn how to make sausage to truly enjoy.

That’s why I’ve kept this page as simple and clear as possible and set photos that were created out of doing.

try out homemade sausage recipes

You do not have to believe all this, do it like others and go to one of the many homemade sausage recipes pages here and pick out a recipe that appeals to you. Do it and decide for yourself whether I promised you too much or not.

And who wants to have it exactly and even more versatile, I can recommend my book „How to make sausage“ to the heart. It has already brought the taste and quality of the good old days back to tens of thousands of like-minded people in Germany. From many newcomers, it has now made real sausage makers, who know now how to make sausage that tastes just great. And not just in Germany, but everywhere in the world.

Already many german emigrants who suffered in their new home under a real sausage crisis, I could help.

Perhaps you too are part of those, who know how to make sausage, in just a few hours, and who implement their new hobby full of joy and enjoyment. I told myself one thing: a manual for learning how to make sausage and homemade sausage recipes must be understandable and easy to implement. The information should be as brief as possible and yet as detailed as necessary. According to the countless feedback, I managed that. If you think otherwise, I’m glad if you tell me that. Even if you have questions or you are just as experimental as I am, then get in touch with me. I am happy to help you.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make my instructions about „how to make sausage“ what they are now. ?

I wish you a lot of fun browsing my page, success in making delicious homemade sausage and when the time has come to taste your own homemade sausage: a good appetite!

It is my goal to help you, to get to know, how to make sausage, as easy as possible and that you have fun and success with it.

Your german sausagemaker


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P.S.: If you want to start immediately you can visit my german site translate it with e.g. google translator and get my digital ebook about „how to make sausage“. This is a pdf with proven instructions and 100 proven homemade sausage recipes, which you can translate with e.g. google translator.